Monday, March 16, 2015

Ruthie Dresses Up

A couple of weeks ago Ruthie was the lucky recipient of TWO "boxes of girliness", as my sister aptly named her box. My sisters Kami and Kayli both sent some hand-me-downs our direction and since Ruth LOVES to dress up, they just made her whole life! The polly pockets, coloring books, and other items were also much appreciated. That crown. She wore it every single second, slept with it, sang to it. Then it died a horrible death. I'm sort of impressed it lasted for two weeks.

Most mornings she comes down in some combination of these dresses. There are even more, but these are some she was willing to pose in the first day, and a couple that I've had my camera out for recently. The only time I make her put on shorts is when we are going to a park with sand and I don't want her dress dragging through it, haha. Those tap shoes! She wears them every single day and tells me all about how she is just like Annie and will be such a good dancer. My sister Kami also made her a bonnet, which is not pictured, but is absolutely ADORABLE and I love it. 
Tap shoes! 

She wore this to story time the next day. Everyone thought it was her birthday because of the crown. It was pretty much the cutest thing ever. 

She LOVES this dress!

This was today, she wouldn't let me take a very good picture, but that little orange skirt just hits her knees and I love it with her red hair. Just the perfect combo.
I always thought girly-girls were a little intense. I wasn't wrong...I just enjoy it so much more now! Hahaahaa. 

Thank you so much for all the fun, Kami and Kayli! You guys are the best! 

Also, today I was telling Ruthie how someone was my sister (I can't remember who now) and she said "Megan is such a good mom to Devaney, just like you're such a good mom to me. It's so nice!" Haha. 

On the subject of Ruthie, she said the SWEETEST prayer today. We had a family home evening lesson on saying "I forgive you" (it's in the Friend this month) and so we reviewed a little about Jesus and how He wants us to be nice. I reminded her that Jesus was her brother and all the sudden she spouts this off "Yeah, He was here before Will was here. But when Will came, He couldn't stay anymore so He went back to heaven, but He still is my good brother. Now we have Will and we have Jesus and that is just the best!" It was so so so sweet! She also spent the rest of the night saying "mommy, I forgive you" after every mundane sentence I said, which was quite annoying, but hey, you win some you lose some, right? She also uses the word "upset" really cute lately. She understands when I get frustrated with her or Will and says things like "Mommy, are you upset? I'm so sorry." and for some reason 'upset' just sounds like such a grown-up word to me, it melts my heart! 

We sure do love our Ruthie!

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Anonymous said...

Awesome stories of Ruthie. She is quite the girl. I can see her loving tap shoes. Love you. Mom