Friday, March 13, 2015


Two Sunday's ago Sterling stayed home from church with Will because he had a fever and had been sick all weekend. He threw up all over the table while we were eating dinner that night. It was...not so awesome. Sterling cleaned it up though because he is my main man, and I had done more than my fair share of you-know-what diapers that weekend. We thought he was over it, but a few days later his fever came back. Then the other kids got fevers. Runny noses. A cough. I stayed home from church with them last week. Luckily no more diaper or throw up issues. But I think they are mostly over it all now--and have been for a bit so I'm crossing my fingers. Hopefully.

It was really odd though because in-between the rough days, they had some good days where I thought we were finished with that bug. We didn't want to hang out with friends and spread our germs (I even cancelled teaching piano) but we got a little stir crazy inside, so we ventured out to the park, and even one afternoon to the pool.

Cutest little man alive.

I spy. 
Molly had a blow out. I didn't notice  and held her on both of my hips. It was all over my shirt. She had an extra onesie, unfortunately I did not.
 Yay for swimming in March! The pool is chilly (I laugh when I say this cause I'd be all over it in July in UT) but we still put Molly in for a bit. She was not a huge fan. We'll work on this!

It was a tad chilly for Will, too. So he made his own pool that warmed up quite nicely in the hot sun. 
Oh that girl is the cutest.
The past few days have been much better and we have been enjoying the sunshine. 

Sterling got accepted for the internship in DC! So I can officially start planning our Utah trip (we'll go there while he goes to DC) and I am SO SO SO SO very very very excited! Can't wait to see grandparents and siblings and friends and HOME! Life is good.

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Love the pics. Good to see and hear of your adventures. Love foul
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