Tuesday, March 17, 2015

A Super (HOT) Saturday!

We had such a great Saturday! This month is 305 bike month in the Miami-Dade county area, where we live, and since we all have bikes now, we've been interested in all the free activities that help us get more acquainted with the area! This was the Pinecrest Bike Fest, held at the library that we go to every Wednesday for story time. It was AWESOME!

Free helmets (we just got ours adjusted), free bells (and installation!), free water bottles, free coloring books, free bags, free SNOW CONES (my personal fav)!, free activities! It was just such a well put together activity and we had a blast! If we would have known ahead of time, we would have signed up to do some of the races (I didn't realize they would be so family friendly, but there were SOOO many people there with kid trailers and baby seats on bikes) and it would have been fun to see their routes! Next year though, we will definitely be signing up for one! They have a one miler (made for kids who basically walk their bikes), 2 miler, 5 miler, and I think an 8 miler. So cool!
Ruthie getting her helmet adjusted. They showed us just exactly how it is supposed to sit on her head, which I have never actually been shown before, so it was good to learn!
Will's helmet, he was not a fan. She said his helmet was too big, but close enough. Too bad, otherwise he would have got a new one for free! 
They had an area set up for a Kid's Bike Rodeo. They learned how to stop and look both ways for cars, stay between the lines, turn around, and then supposedly they would teach hand signals, but our group was a little young for that. They did SUCH a great job with the kids though, I was super impressed!

Get back between the lines, Ruthie!

Ruthie REALLY wanted to high five him, but chickened out.
Home Depot's booth let them pot plants and then paint the pots!

She got up the courage to high five the penguin! Yay Ruthie!
Nothing better than snow cones when it's 90 degrees outside!

To make it an even greater day (although sad that daddy missed it because he had to go study) we got to go to a birthday party for our friends Timothy and Thomas and they had pony rides, apple bobbing, a trampoline, a swing, and a piñata! It was such a great party!

This nice dad pushed those three girls on the swing for such a long time, thanks!
I think we need one of these!

Apple bobbing!

Will joined the apple bobbing activities and then never really stopped. He spent the rest of the party filling his water bottle with water from the bucket and then dumping it on himself. I approved, since it was way too hot outside to even think clearly, and getting wet was the only rational solution to the problem. Funny kid.

Oh yeah, and sack races! Ruth was thrilled!
In line to hit the piñata! 
I took this picture just to remember how easy it would be to make one of these someday with pvc pipe (Annie said they made it twenty minutes before the party). Ruth LOVED it!
And their rope.
Annie's husband is a firefighter so there were a lot of big guys at the party and they were all ENAMORED with Ruthie. That little girl and her red hair, haha! It was so funny to listen to them go on and on about that 'sweet little red head girl'. Funny story, at one point Ruth was on the trampoline and I was nursing Molly and Ruth kept yelling for me so I told her to come over by me, cause I couldn't hear her. She yelled "I CAN'T! MY HAIR IS STUCK!" haha--her hair was stuck in the zipper from the netting opening that goes around the trampoline. Haha! Thanks to our friend Laura, she made it free without losing any hair!

It was just such a fun day. Outings like this remind me how much I miss a backyard. It is SO relaxing to not have to constantly worry about where your child is and what danger they are getting into. THE FOOD. I still need to get recipes, but I ate my weight in food that afternoon. Some good southern cooking, let me tell ya what. And have you ever had these pickled, crock pot peanuts? Me either. You suck on the shell and then eat the soggy middles. Sounds odd. Looks odd. But tasted, oddly, very delicious. Haha. They also had sloppy joe's that were the BEST I have ever tasted. Bar none. Such a fan. Getting out of the house and talking to a bunch of other moms also made for a great afternoon for me. 

We all went home very hot, exhausted, and happy. What a wonderful weekend!

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