Sunday, March 22, 2015

Oh Baby Molly

This post is really about Molly, but first, the zoo.

They have an incredible dinosaur event going on right now, with life-size animatronic dinosaurs all around the zoo. They make noise. One even blows water (Ruth thought it was hilarious that they 'spit'.) Will was enchanted. 

This guy is real. And really tall. 
Remember the lion cubs mom? They are so big now!
There is a cave window you can look through that is directly behind that waterfall. I did not walk into the cave, but Ruthie did. She came running out yelling, "Mom! It looked at me! It turned at looked RIGHT at me! It was RIGHT there!" It was very adorable.
A little too real. 
This was on St. Patty's day. Our stroller was in sync!
Great job, photographer Ruthie!
These guys were Ruthie's favorites. From almost the very beginning Ruth had been begging for the splash pad, and these guys were ALMOST there. But she was so fascinated by them. She kept hanging on the fence and watching them make noise back and forth. It was funny to me that she liked these guys for some reason.
 We moved on to the splash pad after that small portion of the zoo, because 10am is already too hot for comfort these days.

I feel like I have been saying this ever since I had Molly, but she is getting big SO FAST! I didn't feel this way with Ruth or Will. Yeah, they were getting big and it was sad and I didn't want it to happen, but Molly seems to be growing before I can even catch my breath and it is just not ok with me! Not just her, but since she was born they are all sneaking behind my back and getting outrageously huge. I picked Will up from his nap the other day, he always snuggles before he fully wakes up, and it felt really odd. Suddenly I realized it was because I was holding these long, skinny limbs in my arms, instead of a nice little ball of toddler chub. He's lanky! He's skinny and lanky and that is just not ok. I want my baby boy back. Is it weird that one of my favorite things when I'm snuggling him after a nap is his slightly bad sleep breath? It's just a little bad so it's noticeable, but not bad enough to be a deterrent. haha, for some reason I love that. 

These pictures. I just melt inside. Luckily, she likes to be cuddled because she gets so many smooches and hugs and lovin' on all day long!

She officially has five teeth. I am counting my phenomenally wonderful blessings that she doesn't bite while nursing! I have had such a hard time continuing nursing when my kids get teeth and start eating real food. I kind of lost my milk with Ruth (unsurprising since I was working and pumping and that just doesn't quite do it enough for me) and then Will can BITE. He bit and he bit and he bit and I vowed I would teach him not to and work through it. I tried every. single. trick in the book--I begged everyone I knew for ideas. Then we hit the one time too many mark, and I went to a bottle with him. I was still working, so he was used to it and it was just fine, but oh! the agony! Molly tried a couple of times to bite, mostly because she was teething and wanted to alleviate the pain, but after that she has been great! She loves nursing so much that she hates real food and I kind of love it. I love that she is my baby for just a second longer. I love that she snuggles in and looks at me and plays with her feet and my chin and my face. I just love her.

Those eyelashes.

You looking for this?
Those eyes.
Molly is army crawling everywhere, sitting up, moving from a sitting up position to a crawling position all by herself. She doesn't like to be laid down, but has started holding her legs straight and wants to just walk everywhere holding my fingers. She is constantly moving and looking at things and never holds still. She thinks she has to keep up with her brother and sister! She is the best to snuggle up to when she's sleeping. She doesn't like the pool yet (too cold) but loves splashing in the tub. She is just the absolutely cutest, most adorable, lovely little person ever. Oh, how we love our little Molly around these parts!


Anonymous said...

Looks like fun at the zoo again. I can't believe the cubs are sooooo big. The pics of your kids are adorable. Molly is so cute. Great pic of you that Ruthie took. Love you.

Kayli said...

I expected you to have a new post up for me tonight. But you don't. That is rude.