Monday, March 30, 2015

SPRING BREAK! (the first of many)

Sterling took a test Friday morning and since then we have been LIVING IT UP! 
First, some random photos.
Last week in their matching dresses. Those two are just SOOOOOOO sweet!
Ruth is such a great bike rider these days, she can go and go and go so far!
Here's the orange skirt on Ruthie, Kate. 
Will doesn't have quite the stamina, but thanks to Kami's consumer report, his bike is so light he just picks it up and carries it when he is finished riding. He can CRUISE now, though. So fast its crazy.

Enjoying a Saturday with daddy. We had lots of things to catch up on (grocery shopping, clothes shopping for Sterling--he might have been spoiled due to our recent tax return, but then again, his clothes were in tatters, so maybe not so spoiled, haha--and new beds to set up --from a ward member, we are so lucky!)--so the first little bit of Sterling's break was doing a lot of those things. But Saturday we just stopped and enjoyed the feeling of having a dad around. He has been working SO hard lately and the kids rarely see him (up before them, home after them) it's a treat just to have him around!

Will is very serious about driving this car. I think his dream come true would be having this around at all times.
Molly is unimpressed, but Sterling is SOOO handsome!
There's a smile! 

He basically likes to drive anything. Here he was annoyed that his hands couldn't reach to push the stroller, so when I stood him up on the second seat, he was annoyed that his feet couldn't touch to push the stroller. It's so hard being a small, little man. Haha!
On your mark! Get set!

Hide 'n Seek. Sterling is great at hiding!

Ruthie is great at mimicking hiding places, haha. Adorable.

My brown eyed boys.

Ruthie the photographer strikes again!
 Spring dresses. This blue dress was mine, then Ruthie wore it, and now Molly! 

Five and a half teeth.

My haircut. I needed a trim and I didn't want to need one again soon, so we went a little shorter. It feels a little too short, but with this haircut I know it will be how I want it in two weeks or so, so I'm really happy with it! Molly was finished with pictures. 
PC: Ruth (and for the next photos)

The end.

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Anonymous said...

Awesome pictures. Love the expression on Ruthie's face on the "Go" picture. I love your hair. YOu look so beautiful in the pic holding Molly.
Love you.