Sunday, July 5, 2015

Reunion Day

While my brother was here from Canada and my sister was here from Arizona, we had a reunion day with those of us that could. So five out of the nine kids were there.

But first, some photos of my little ones getting haircuts:
Ruthie was so excited. She wanted it SHORT like mine.
Will didn't cry, which is a step up.
Will is so in LOVE with the jeeps at my sister Megan's. 
Cutest little jeep riding genie.
Oh how I LOVE this little baby of mine!!! 
Luckily, Kali LOVES Molly and didn't mind the mauling. Also, that is me learning to inside-out braid on her hair. I totally have it down now. Mad skills.
She's just so squishy! I'm gonna die! (love that line)

Ruth just can't get over how many dress-up clothes Aunt Megan has. I love seeing her outfits.

Okay, now to the reunion day. We were just at a little park in Morgan by my sister Megan's. It was HOOOOOT. But so much fun!! First off, kickball.

Kiersten (and so many other kids!) have been SO awesome the entire trip on helping my kids join in the games. 
 This was an AWESOME game where you had to dump the water to the person behind you (without looking) and try to fill up the bucket at the end of the line. Poor Karlee was AWESOME at it, and then we had Nash, Chad, Anders and Garrett right in a row. Bad planning.

HAAHAA right into his lap.

Will carried this hose around all day long.
We had this awesome relay race where you had to pull kids behind you on towels. Luckily, no major wipeouts. Also, Myles is STEEL.

Poor Devaney went spinning off her towel, haahaahaa.
I LOVE Katelyn's face here.

Cute twinner cousins.
Amy has been threatening this whole trip to steal Molly. But then Molly screeches, and I'm not too worried about anyone taking her. Oh boy, that girl.

I've got mad skills. My thighs were sore the next day. What a workout!
Cutest boy in the world!
Molly gives some pretty serious kisses these days. I love it! 

We also played a game where they had to freeze when the music stopped. Then the water went on. If they moved they were out. Poor Anders was often RIGHT over the sprinkler and he never moved! It was so fun to watch!
So many cousins!

Those big brown eyes.

Then we played a game where you put hose on your head with a sock and had to run around pulling people's hoses off. Last one with theirs on won. It was intense.


Amy just got de-hosed by Tyson.
Katelyn and Myles were stuck together via antennae. 
Ashlee was SUCH a great helper with Molly! She is such a cutie!
And a couple of pictures of everyone eating. Good times.

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Bridget Cunningham said...

Fun games!! We need to be more creative with our games! Also the first picture of you and Molly is to die for!