Friday, December 4, 2015

A few from Kate the Great

Kayli sent me all the photos I wanted from her camera, so here's a catch-up of pictures from HER of the things I already posted about.
Everyone. With nobody really looking. Haha-I like it. 
K, those goggles. That is definitely a money shot. HAHA!

Ruthie and Orrin. Cutie-pie redhead cousins.
 Ruth and I like to run up and down the beach at least once per beach trip. This time Jethro joined and it made it that much more AWESOME!

All the little cousins. It was such a great time to have them here! Wyatt and Will's arms around each other is the best.
 Here is Viscaya! So awesome to have another photographer there so I was IN some of the photos!
Group hug.

I kept this one because of Ruthie's levitating pigtails. Haha! Also I am growing my hair out, for the moment (I rethink that decision every single morning) and so no judgement. Oh blah.

 I told you there was awesome dancing going on up there.

Going in for the kiss..
 And effectively intercepted. Sigh. HAHA.

This was before we smacked Wyatt in the head. Oops.
Nope, nevermind. This was when we smacked Wyatt in the head. And Kayli, being an awesome mom, totally caught it on camera. 

Is that enough jumping pictures? I didn't think so either...

And I have to add this one for Ruthie because I think this is the only one she is actually completely off the ground, HAHA!
Chacos for life!
Sisters. Ya know we shared a room for almost Kayli's entire life at home? Then she went to college and I got my own room because I was the only girl left at home. She used to get in trouble for keeping me up to help her study spanish. Good times. We also used to play games in bed at night. Also good times. 
Looking up at the paintings on the ceilings. I LOOOOOOOVE this picture!
It's my coming out ball!
Three little boys by the ocean.
This was right before they got in trouble by a security guard for being too close. He was worried they'd be swept up in a wave. Unlikely, but I suppose you never know.
 I'm so glad she took pictures of everything too! It's like extra icing on the cake of all the fun we had!

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Bridget Cunningham said...

Ok, these are all amazing, but the one of you Ruth and Will in the vine covered arch! I am in love! That needs to be framed! Seriously! And I don't think your hair looks bad at all! I was actually going to say it was cute in that pic! But I do hate transitions of hair! Bleh! Also you are such a fun mom! Running the beach?? Love! Also the pic of everyone gives me anxiety! How did the two of you handle so many kids!?