Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The Zoo with Daddy! (and friends)

There was a crazy storm in the ocean that made it crazy-rain here and we had all sorts of flooding. It literally rained for FIVE DAYS without stopping. I just about died of being stuck inside. The zoo actually closed because they don't enclose their animals, they have moats around them and they were filling up with water so they could swim out!!!! Luckily, the animals are still there, the zoo re-opened, and I lived. Barely. Since Sterling has a break from med school and is currently just working, we have a few days off now and again! We decided to go to the zoo. Unluckily, Sterling caught Molly's miserable cold and then it RAINED on us (what!?!?!) so we cut it pretty short. It was really nice to get out though, and the kids had a blast!
Native Miamians don't think the peacocks are anything special because they roam neighborhoods here. A lady in our ward had TEN in her yard when I was there teaching piano. I, however, still think they are AMAZING. 

See the huge bird through the netting? I still love that guy. 

Watching the apes give us a show. (I feel like I have to write apes because the last three zoo visits there have been workers there telling us how they are NOT monkeys...ok)
This tiger is a brand-new daddy. The lady worker there told us ALL about that too. Even showed us pictures.
My poor little head-sweat-er. Haha.

Pancakes are one of my new favorite things to pack as a snack because my kids all eat them and they don't leave as many crumbs as crackers, haha.

And now, a whole slew of pictures with Molly. Thanks to Sterling for capturing about 100 of these. HAHA!

And, back to the kids.
Ruth can spin SO FAST on that little thing. Her hair kept flying out behind her, it was awesome. 

A couple days beforehand we went to the zoo with our friends and another friend's five kids--it was a BLAST! Kaden got to hold a boa, we got to feed giraffes (thanks to Tricia's free passes!) and we saw the animal show complete with cheetah and talking parrots. It was so much fun! So a couple quick photos of those kids that my kids love!

Ok, these boys have my heart. Kaden has four sisters and he desperately wants a little brother. Will thinks he is the greatest hero that ever lived, and they are just so sweet together! I love them!
That's pretty much the end of the zoo day. 

I'll add in a quick picture of my student's recital the other night since it really has no where else to go. Unfortunately, my cute little Chichoni boys couldn't make it so it looks like poor Kaden is my only male student. I promise he's not! Haha.
Quick note, little Taylee in the pink dress played Jolly Old St. Nicolas, one note-one finger at a time. I just LOVE those very first tiny little students!!!! And shout-out to my twins who pulled off a Jon Schmidt and Sleigh Ride with me! Really, everyone worked hard and did such a fabulous job! 

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Bridget Cunningham said...

The pictures of you and molly are to die for! I love them!!!