Thursday, December 3, 2015

Bill Baggs Beach

Kayli drove all the way from Pittsburgh with her six kids (and five months pregnant!) to spend Thanksgiving break with us and it was AWESOME!

We'd spent the week previous in 95 degree weather and still dying of summertime heat. Of course, the day she started driving, we dropped twenty degrees so it was only 75. While still warm, there was a TON of wind and it made the beaches quite a bit chilly. I was SUPER impressed with all the little kids and how much they still swam and played in the water. We still had a great time and it was gorgeous. 

We went and looked at the light house. Apparently they only give tours on the weekends during the wintertime, so we didn't get to climb up, but it was still beautiful!

Once upon a time when Kayli lived in Switzerland, she sent me a swim suit to try on before paying to ship it to herself. I was 7 months pregnant but I tried it on as best as I could and said it was adorable. And so I sent it on. And bought one for myself. So now we are winners! (only this times SHE's the preggo one)

My Miami babies. 75 and wind is too, too cold.
Due to the wind, there was also a ton of seaweed blown up on the beach, which was also super sad. On the upside, everyone else in Florida thought it was too cold to be out so we had the beach to ourselves!

This girl and her sandy apples. Haha.

We also saw some crazy rabid raccoons on our way out. Kayli kept wishing Wyatt (our brother, not her son) was around to play with them, haha.

Lots more pictures to come, now that I have them uploaded. :)

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Bridget Cunningham said...

The picture of Molly right after the apple one...I died! also your last picture, is Ruth Ariel?! love her!! I'm glad you had family for Thanksgiving!