Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas Books

I wanted to post this as a reference for myself and maybe other people might like it too. But also as a sort of journal page to remember what my children loved at this age and what our Christmas was like.

I was determined to do two gifts (one from Santa of course) and a book. Our apartment is small and toys are plentiful and we just don't need a lot. But then life happens (like a killer $15 deal on a used wooden Pottery Barn kitchen that I only had to paint) and more than anything, I just could not seem to whittle down the books. So we got some used ones and some deals and since we just finished reading for 45 minutes tonight, I figure it was all worth it. 

For Christmas this year, Ruthie got: a redheaded, brown-eyed doll with matching pink dancing tutus for them both.
Will got: a car race-track mat and a set of matchbox cars.
Molly got: an incredibly soft jellycat stuffed elephant and stacking cups.
Ruth also got lip gloss in her stocking and they all got some Fisher Price princesses in their stockings which pretty much re-ignited our Fisher Price princess castle and Molly has played with it NON-STOP since Christmas. Yay!

On to books.
This I got for Molly as we have checked it out from the library SEVERAL times and she carried it around a lot. But ALL of the kids enjoy it and I really, really love the illustrations and the expressions of the little mouse. Priceless. Will has already ripped the cover and it has had to be taped---sigh.
This one was a for everyone gift, and while it rhymes and has cute illustrations, was the only book I got that I really don't love. Meh. 
I got this for Will and he LOVES it! Another TRUCK book, he says! I love the rhymes and I think it is hilarious.
This was Molly's second book. I had never read it, but it was highly recommended. I think the illustrations are adorable and the story line has a little uplifting side to it, so I think it's a fun book to have. 
For everyone, because this is Will and Molly's favorite song to sing at library story time right now and the illustrations are SOOOOO cute!!
I got this one for Ruthie and I could not have chosen better, let me tell ya! Ballerinas and cowgirls and pink sparkly shoes!??! It's an older book but it is ADORABLE and I recommend it to everyone!
Because we love Mo Willems, I got this as Will's second book. It is a hit! He has taken it to bed with him every night since Christmas! Sterling laughed out loud at it and Ruth already has it close enough to memorized that she'll sit on the floor and pretend to read it to Will. Definitely a good one.
This was Ruthie's second book, which I had also never read before but was highly recommended on some websites. I love it. Quirky and a little weird, but hilarious and fun. A good library builder for us.
I know, I know, Ruthie already got her two books. But she got two more because I want to build a little bigger repertoire of books that are ALMOST chapter books, but not quite, to read to her in the evenings. Stretch out her sitting still abilities and such. We read this one entirely through from cover to cover just tonight. It took about 25 minutes. Will and Ruth sat and listened the ENTIRE time and on the last page Ruthie was laughing out loud! Haha! Definitely a good pick! Will wanted to read it again, but at 25 minutes a pop--haha.  
This one we have not started yet. It is a bit bigger of a beginner chapter book than the Enormous Crocodile and I plan on starting it with Ruth and reading a chapter every night. If you have never read Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle (there's a series) you should right now. My first introduction was on a trip to Canada and we listened to it as a family on audio-tape. We LITERALLY were excited to get back in the car to hear what was happening next. It is a super young reader, but SO WITTY and hilarious. I can't wait to read it with Ruth.
So that was our awesome Christmas! I love books! Also, our good friend Sister Hadley (I teach four of her girls piano lessons) got the kids even MORE books--I love her--and so Ruthie got a Fancy Nancy and Will got an Olaf Summertime book and Molly got a board book with flaps that all of them love. Yay!!!!


Kami said...

I didn't like Jamberry either. I don't know why Kayli and Andrea like it so much. Weirdos.

Kayli said...

I can't beLIEVE you two meh'd Jamberry! It's the best.

Also, did Princess Hyacinth have a little note at the beginning saying that she stole the idea from 'The Light Princess' by George Macdonald? Because she should. THAT book is awesome.