Thursday, December 3, 2015


Through a bit of finagling, we were able to get TWO library passes to go to Viscaya museum (Ruthie is now the proud new owner of a library pass, haha!). That way ALL of us got in for free! I LOOOOVE Vizcaya and will definitely recommend everyone who ever visits to see it. But the entrance fees are ridiculous and not worth it. So library passes are the way to go. It was a gorgeous day and we hit the museum with perfect time--right in-between two thunderstorms. 

Miami decided to be windy ALL weekend, as you can see by the trees and everyone's hair.
I've posted about this estate before, but it's some wealthy guy that during the 1920's took all his money and built this huge estate on tons of acres in Miami right on the ocean and tried to make it look like all the old European castles. Kayli said she couldn't tell any major difference between it and all the castles she saw throughout Europe when they lived in Switzerland, so that's pretty cool. 

The gardens and grounds are my favorite. The interior is incredible--intricate, extravagant, wealthy, and beautiful, but you can't take pictures so I can't show any of it. But the outside? It is just SOOOO gorgeous and the ocean is just SOOOO sparkling. I love it.
Boats used to dock at the boat. Haha.

These two. Oh I just LOOOOOOVE them!

Sparkling sunshine. It's more fun to remember it. Without all the kids that were whining and not listening. Haha!

Last time we went they didn't have water in all these fountains, and they were gorgeous!

We stayed at the top of here dancing around on the rock for a long time. I'm going to have to steal pictures from Kayli cause she got some sweet shots of me jumping in the sunshine. Good times.
Also, that girl and her apples. HAHA.

I looked down and told Talmage to look for alligators. Then I realized there was a massive iguana!!! So everyone had to come down and look.

I just love this picture. All those little legs.

It was a beautiful afternoon and I'm glad we were able to go! I love the ocean view.

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kami said...

I so want to go there. Also Lando was looking at these pictures with me and he saw Molly eating an apple (he's currently eating an apple) and the conversation went something like this, "Hey!!! That's my brother! She has an apple! Like me! And we're both wearing orange! We're matching! (neither of them are wearing orange.) She's spiderman, like me!!!" Then he saw her eating an apple at the beach and was super excited again. Ha. Ha.