Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Last Day-Crandon Beach

Okay, last day of Thanksgiving break with Kayli here! There are a THOUSAND pictures (I cut a bunch out, but then I had to add Kayli's!) so ya know, just keep scrolling.

Our little oasis. It was REALLY windy again. But at least we had our trusty umbrella and Sterling's mad skills of pegging it down to help give us a wind-free zone.

The kids headed STRAIGHT into the ocean. And played and played and played and played. It was awesome.

I love this picture.

Five months preggo.
I asked Kayli for inspiration on what we should build, since I thought the water was too chilly to play in. She said a snowman because she felt distinctly out of the Christmas spirit with the warm weather. So we attempted--haha!

Someone thought the snowman needed a life-saving device.
The kids spent forever at the back of the beach building sand things on this little wall of stairs. They had such a great time.

Kayli and I watched them like so. Those tubes were comfy!

Molly came up and gave me hugs for the longest time, it was sooo sweet!
Ethne was AWESOME and found this palm tree bark and old coconut and played with them for HOURS. They floated it around as a boat in the ocean, carried sand around with it, everything. It was so great.

Will was cold and was absolutely enthralled with one of Kayli's kids spiderman towel that had a hood. :)

Kayli took this when we very first walked in. It was SUCH a beautiful day and definitely the PRETTIEST beach we took her to. For some reason when we first moved here we felt like Crandon got a bad rap. We have never had a bad experience and I think it is vying for my favorite (along with South Pointe). We really love it there!

smooch. smooch.


Kayli also managed a picture of the city as we drove back to our house from the beach. Because she refused to drive and so Sterling drove her van while she rode with me the entire week. Haha. Oh Miami, you are something.
And thus concludes our week with the Bell family series. HAHA! We LOVED it and had such a great time! Thank you SOOO much for making the 17 hour drive and partying with us!!!!

Ever since she left it has been RAINING and RAINING to flooding proportions. We usually get 2 inches of rain in a usual month of December and we got 11 inches in ONE DAY this weekend. And it hasn't stopped raining. I attempted the park this morning because I am going so stir crazy, but it was lightly sprinkling and Ruth slipped on a bar and Will went FLYING off the end of the slide three times in a row before I called it quits so we didn't end up with a broken arm or something. Sigh. RAIN, RAIN GO AWAY! 

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