Sunday, December 27, 2015

On the Night of Christmas Day...

After all our present opening and playing games and lounging about, we had extra long nap times. Then we decided to go see some Christmas lights that our friends had told us about to finish Christmas off right. (Also, everything Christmas-y was still going on because it was the 23rd.) This is just a local person's house/fence/yard and it is AMAZING! They have a little box for donations for an autism awareness program, but it is better than ALL the lights we've ever seen! Much better than paying for the zoo last year. It has awesome Christmas music blasting that matches the lights, and they lights are going CRAZY and are totally in sync with the music. It's even better than any youtube video you've ever seen of a house. Each individual string and light would do something different. 

Ruth and Will were totally freaked out and scared by the whole thing. HAAHAA. So they sat on our laps for a bit while we just watched until they got a little more comfortable, then we got a closer look at all the cool things.
Those mickey mouse ears on the top left had TEN THOUSAND lights by itself!!!

Will could not have been happier, we found Olaf!!
Sitting in Santa's sleigh.
Looking at Olaf and the Elsa poster.
We watched this sweet train go around and around for quite some time. Will loved it!

Sterling and I were really happy to see this beautiful nativity set up off to the side so we could review the true meaning of Christmas with the kids before calling it a night. It was so beautiful and so much fun!

Once home, we made some hot chocolate (no, it was not necessary after a 80 degree excursion, but it did feel traditional) with marshmallows and watched clips of Claymation Christmas on youtube. Which almost felt like being home and watching the dvd, haha. That house is definitely on our list to see again next year, it was just so great! What a perfect end to a perfect Christmas Day.

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