Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Catch-up Phone Pics

I was getting a little excited that I was catching up on my blog, after only not posting for two weeks---but maybe the most crazy two weeks of all time. But then I realized I had all my phone pics. So in an effort to get these all put in one place, here are some wonderful pictures in no particular order.
Ruth's hair was LOOOOOONG and I didn't allow her to ever have it down and in her face or it was ALL over in her plate at meals and constantly in her face, etc. So she got bored of two braids and we started experimenting with new hairstyles from instagram that she would pick. Here was one of her favorites, and while a little time-consuming, I really loved it too. 

My haircut.
One morning, all the kids laying on top of dad in bed.

Molly asleep at our friends' house where I taught piano, after a morning spent in the pool. 

Another hairstyle Ruthie picked out.

An end of year party that we went to for Sterling's school. At a pub, where the main event seemed to be drinking and single people socializing(that is why we have such a hard time doing anything for his class, much as we love them), which always feels a bit awkward to us after too long, so we ditched after eating all the hors d'oeurves  and went and got some gelato and chatted away our babysitter time. Much more fun, haha. I'm finding myself to be more and more introverted as medical school goes on, mostly because if I have ANY time at all with Sterling, I most enjoy spending it just with him. 
Here are some pics off the school website of Ruthie at school. She is just so adorable.

Superhero day.
I love that they still learn the Pledge of Allegiance at her school.  

We came to get our keys to move in and to attempt cleaning. Only not much cleaning occurred because it was a furnace inside and I got a little overwhelmed. Haha. We did eventually get moved in and cleaned.

Our first week in our new ward. It was really weird to only have one sacrament prayer (not in spanish as well) and only one hymnbook to reach for (no spanish ones) and no translator headsets to worry about and....just generally odd feeling to be in an english-only ward. The kids were most excited about the program. I guess they've never been in a ward that had a program before, and they thought it was the coolest. Molly slept through the entire thing (we have 1pm church now, ruff) and then bawled about nursery because she'd been asleep and was disoriented. Sigh.

Since we stayed up WAAAAY too late Saturday night unpacking, our kitchen was completely unpacked and we could have our Sunday afternoon popcorn like usual!

Getting HUGE.

After moving in, our first item of business was checking out the library. This library is AMAZING and my favorite one I have ever lived by or gone to. In the children's section all the columns from the ceiling have been made into trees with faces that are phenomenal. This little story time room has these incredible animals all along the walls and not only do they read stories but he sings lots of songs, blows bubbles, practices rhymes, and just generally is PERFECT. Molly LOVES it--and she is the age it is intended for, so I am excited to keep going!

Have you seen these things where it projects onto the floor and when they jump on it the picture changes? Like popcorn kernels pop into popcorn, etc. The kids loved it!

My haircut and my massive belly. 

The first week we moved in it rained and rained and rained and POURED. But on Thursday morning it stopped raining for half a second and we jumped on the chance to be outside. I looked up fun parks in our area and found this castle park by a children's museum. The kids loved it.

A peacock down the street from our house. We've seen this guy a few times now. We have a little pond in our complex and the other day mom and I were walking and pushing a stroller while Ruth and Will sped ahead on their bikes. Will came back with Ruth exclaiming "We can't walk! There's a HUGE bird in our way and I'm too scared." I said something like "You shouldn't be scared, the bird will fly away when you ride your bike passed." But then we turned the corner and there was a 4 foot tall MASSIVE great heron. I'm pretty sure it was taller and thicker than Will. I would've been scared too, haha. We also see one type of lizard all over the place that we had never seen in Miami. As well as some daintier ducks on the pond. But mostly, its just the same. We had a cockroach in our house "shudder" and I'm hoping it was just moving in/having been empty/torrential rain for a week luck and it's not a regular thing. We have NO ANTS so far---hallelujah. I hope we left those things in Miami. 

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