Monday, June 19, 2017

Ruth's PreK Grad

Before we moved, and before we had a baby, Ruthie graduated from PreK. Which, you'd think is no big deal. But in the Latin culture of Miami---it was a very. very. very. BIG. deal, haha! There was a graduation program and Ruthie and her classmates were monkeys for one of the songs. They sang a lot and I took a TON of video because Sterling couldn't be there. I might upload that later, but for now, here are some photos of our sweet girl. She has learned so much this year and enjoyed school SOOOO much. She loved her teachers and practically skipped and danced to school every single day. I am so glad she had such a great experience half-day before starting full-day this year and I love all the music she learned and how much fun she had!


her teacher Ms Jenny, who I loved

the school director

Pastor Reuben

We chopped her hair that afternoon!

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