Thursday, June 22, 2017

Russell John's Blessing

 Blessing a baby when he's only a week and two days old is a little bit crazy early--but we wanted SOME sort of family to be able to be there, so we did it while mom was here, and she flew out on Monday. We just went in for sacrament meeting and then headed right back out. Our wonderfully awesome friends Jeff and Diana (in the same program as us so they also moved from Miami to Delray with us this year--we shared a moving van) came so that we had at least ONE person there that we knew in the circle. They also took our fabulous pictures afterwards--thanks Diana! And also for entertaining our kids!

I was a *little* bit worried that Sterling would get up there and change the name on me. I mean, this name has been four years of begging in the making and even then I think he only gave in so that we could just move on, haha. Luckily there wasn't a name change, just a beautiful blessing for a beautiful baby. Sterling said Russell would have a 'happy disposition' and both mom and I said we are holding him to that! Also luckily, it seems that so far Russell has exactly that. He only cries when we are changing his diaper or he is hungry. He is our FIRST child to take a soother and with Ruthie sitting beside him in the car and putting that soother in for us, I have already felt SOOOOO thankful that we don't have a SHRIEKING infant in the van for the last few minutes to get home (nightmare flashbacks of Molly's shrieks...oh wait, she still has them haha!). He's pretty happy to be held by whomever is begging to hold him at the time and he sleeps for pretty regular 2-3 hour intervals at night. My kids have all eaten every three hours until they are about a year old at night and we ween them, so I wasn't expecting any miracles on that front. Basically he's an angel baby and he makes me want ten more! (okay, maybe just one...)
Crazy Will. 

Somehow we have four kids. The lady at the bank today asked me if they were all mine. I've already been asked that several times---Delray beach is for retirees, so I think four overwhelms them. Anyway, I said yes, and this lady under her breath says "There is NOOOOO way those are all yours." People keep getting caught up on the different hair color too. That we have a redhead, a blond, and now the baby has black hair. They think there are multiple dads. But Will, Molly, and Russell have all been born with black hair (as was Sterling and I) and it fell out and stayed blond and then they are both gradually getting darker. So really the only different one is Ruthie---which was a surprise to us all, haha.

My mom is gorgeous. And she looks the most natural with a baby in her arms. It's just the way it's supposed to be.

Baby Russell. He is SOOOOOOOOOO handsome!

Awww I just love everything about this.

Baby number four looks good on him.

All my boys.


An attempt to show you his absolutely adorable baby blessing outfit that I love so so much.
SNEEZE! I love babies faces!

I put this in here for Will's cheese. It's just the best. And Molly's fake smile is pretty on par as well.

Oh I just have THEEEEE CUTEST kids ever!!!!!

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