Saturday, March 30, 2013

A Tea Set and an Egg Hunt

We got a tea set for Ruth, and I love it! Even better, she loves it too, and has played with it for HOURS already. It is SO much fun to see her actually playing with her toys now. Dressing up her teddy bears (notice the bunny ears....poor Norman, he is destined to be dressed femininely), dressing up herself, and mixing things and taking imaginary drinks. She used to just carry toys around, so I have just really, really been enjoying this stage of PLAY. 

Our air conditioner wasn't working in our house yesterday, so I had all the doors to the outside open, because it was cooler outside. (They fixed our air for the weekend, but I guess they have to come back Monday to REALLY fix it. I'm just happy its working.) Ruth carried ALL her toys onto the deck and was loving it. Definitely a princess. Our next door neighbor gave her that necklace and crown when Will was born so that SHE would have something special, and actually, someone in our ward gave her those bracelets for the same reason. Kinda fun, even though it's a little annoying to have so many extra tiny toys underfoot. Ruth obviously enjoys them, and since we didn't really have anything for her to dress up in, it's fun.

Sterling volunteered with an easter egg hunt at 6am this morning with his pre-med club. He came home and brought us back with him at 8:30. Ruth enjoyed it, and she understood to run and grab the eggs! I was a little nervous bringing Will out, but I wore him in the wrap and had a quilt covering him entirely so no one else touched him but me.

And a post would not be complete without pictures of the most handsome little man there ever was. He is so kissable and perfect! Love him.

PS Taking those pictures of Will made me cry. Look how big he is!!! I want my baby to last forever. Sigh.

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Lindsey said...

That tea set it so cute! I'm enjoying the way Myah plays now too. It's so fun to see her little imagination going.