Wednesday, May 1, 2013

At It Again

I am back to work. If you can call working the first and third Wednesdays of each month working. I definitely do. Luckily, Will has taken to a bottle MUCH better than Ruthie ever did, with much less encouragement. I sure hope that keeps up, since he has fewer opportunities to need one, and I'm selfish so if I don't have to use the bottle, I definitely will not. (He sure loves his food though, and I don't think a little thing like a bottle will stop him from getting his fill.) The kids did great at my friend Chantelle's for four hours until Sterling got off work and picked them up for the rest of the day. And actually, I had two patients cancel and was able to take a long lunch and come home too. It wasn't as hard being back as I thought it would be--work was business as usual and I didn't even feel like I'd been gone(was it really three months?!!?!)-but as for being away from my kids, I think that was easier because Will is so much older than when I had to go back to work with Ruthie. Plus, I knew it was only one day and then I didn't have to work for another two weeks. There is just something so incredibly and deeply sad about leaving your little helpless babies with somebody else. Even if they are as wonderful as my friend Chantelle. The next Wednesday I work my mom is babysitting, and then the next five times my sister-in-law is (that will take us through August) and then Sterling will start staying home those two days a month. I am so thankful that we live by wonderfully helpful and loving family members during the times I've needed babysitters! Ruth was clingy the rest of this evening and I had no problem whatsoever dishing up a big bowl of ice cream, snuggling down on the couch with her, and sharing every single bite. Man, I love that girl. And now she's in bed, I haven't set Will down. It really doesn't matter if he's a mommy's boy and has to be held to sleep. I would love every minute of it. So we'll start in on that practice right this very minute.

I had a first-time patient today that'd been referred to our office. Instant periodontal smell. Blood smell. Infection smell. Felt just like old times. HAHA! Also, I told one of my patients that he had improved so much he should go out and buy himself some ice cream, and suddenly my boss pops up and hands him a little container of Ben and Jerrys! Reminds me of why I love this office so much, and I'm so glad that if I'm working anywhere, its here. Plus, my boss doesn't mind at all when he walks in and talks to me while I'm pouring my milk into bags and putting them in a freezer. And he didn't even ask if I was glad to be back, just asked if I did okay with leaving my kids in the morning. Such a good man. I guess stake presidents are like that?! Although, he did draw the line when I told him my baby was the cutest in the world, he has his own baby at home. :)

And that was my first day back. Thank you Sterling for working so much so I have to work hardly at all! You really are my hero!

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Aleesha Burke said...

So glad your first day back was good! You are a great mom! Sharing ice cream and cuddling all evening with your kids just sounds perfect!