Thursday, May 2, 2013

3 Months

My little man is THREE MONTHS OLD today! I just can't believe it. We took him to get pictures taken, and even though we woke him up from a nap, he was still my perfect little man and started smiling right off. Didn't even mind that I made the photographer snap even MORE when I decided I wasn't too happy with all the photos in the first round. He sleeps through the night, and has been since the middle of April. It took a few nights of crying, but much less than with Ruth, and now he usually cries for less than a minute before he's out. He loves the tub, but usually doesn't get to enjoy it too long because his big sister likes to cover his face with the wet washcloth. Ruth likes to squish him, be helpful by covering his head with his blanket (why?), give him kisses, and sometimes shove him away. She says "oh baby, oh baby, oh baby" every time he starts to cry and runs over to see if squishing him will help, haha. Will eats like a champ and has the most perfect chubby cheeks, arms and legs that a baby ever had! During the day he likes me to hold him until he falls asleep, otherwise he's fussy. I usually just sit him on my hip while we go about life, and then look down at some point and realize he's asleep! I think he got used to falling asleep on me during the day because of the front carrier that I use so much. He is in it a lot because then we can get out and about and I still have hands free for Ruthie. He's started sucking on his fist, but for the life of me we haven't been able to get him to take a soother. So I guess that's kid #2 that won't take it around here. Oh well, I guess on the upside we don't ever have to wean them off! I still try to give it to him sometimes, but I've pretty much given up that battle. He's still sleeping in the bassinet in our room because I haven't been brave enough to try two kids in one room yet. I'm still trying to figure out how that will even work--they go to bed at the same time. Will is a SUPER SMILEY little guy and he smiles as soon as you take the slightest interest in him. He also has the sweetest coos there ever were. I could spend all day getting him to smile and coo at me! Ruth is getting used to it and will talk to him until he starts cooing at her and that is just the sweetest thing. Sterling said to note that he has a double chin on top of his double chin. 'Tis true. Pretty much, he has his momma wrapped around his tiny little chubby fingers, so much so that his dad is pretty concerned about it! And now, for a picture overload:

This is a smile, promise.

Sterling said we need to photoshop this one and in place of his blurry hand put a thumbs up!

I TOLD you he was a super smiley little man!

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