Friday, May 24, 2013

Pictures, you say?

This is what she did when I said "SMILE!"
He, on the other hand, can't stop smiling, so I decided he would be a better subject. Love that grin just SO SO much. And go ahead, you can say it, my baby is the CUTEST baby there ever was!
Oh yeah, that outfit is size 9 months!!!!

This is him laughing out loud, only you can't hear it. Best noise ever.
She decided to give me a small smile. She looks gorgeous.

My cheek is too fat! I can't keep smiling! It's too hard!!!!
His favorite past-time.

Umm, yup. I snapped this one before she pushed him off. Is it too much to ask for ONE cute picture of them???
The following pictures are from our walk the other night, when the lady thought I was a teenage mom.

Throwing rocks.

 And these are from a recent hike with Andrea and her kids. The wildflowers are coming out on the mountains and the Wasatch front is actually GREEN this spring! So lovely!

Her little sunhat kinda gives off an Asian vibe.
And that is what you get when you ask for pictures. But I'm sure you don't mind, because they are the CUTEST EVER!


Anonymous said...

The kids are such cutie pies. I love the 2nd one of Will. He is so fat and cute and chubby. Looks like a nice walk and hike. It is green this year.

Andrea said...

What--no pics of my kids??? You think this is your blog or something? How can I steal pics if you don't post any??

Great pics of Will. He is such a cutie.