Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Will's Blessing

This little guy was blessed on Sunday!

He looks pretty happy about it, if you ask me!
I asked my sister Amy to snap some family pictures for us before we got out of our church clothes. We even enlisted my sister-in-law Lindsay Ann to jump around like a crazy person to get Ruth to smile. Unfortunately, all of them are blurry. 

Ruthie loves cheese!
Danica looking beautiful after her trip to Guatemala!
Olivia looking like a BABE and rockin' those new braces! And Natalie is going for that chocolate-melted-on--the-lips look.
Cute Aleesha and her family.
Kiersten, Hailey, and dad enjoying the festivities.
Myles and Tim.
Amy, Lindsay Ann, Wyatt
 So funny story. The night before Will's blessing Amy and Olivia, Wyatt & Lindsay Ann and their kiddos all stayed at our house. We got a babysitter for the six young ones, and went to Wise Guys Comedy Club for our cousin Clay's birthday. It was HILARIOUS. Ryan Hamilton was the comedian and we didn't stop laughing the entire night. My cheeks hurt. Olivia cried. And then laughed. We quoted it the rest of the night and the next day. "Townspeople! Hear ye! Hear ye! I have decided that I am now funny!" It was great times. We also got wings afterward, which is pretty heavenly for Sterling. So much so that he said it was the best date we'd been on in a LONG, LONG time. Thanks for staying at our house guys!

Devaney. Or "Ne-moe-nee" as Ruth calls her, which always makes me think of Nemo and "anemo-ne-moe-nee".  I love this picture.
My parents with Will and Oskar, who is three weeks younger than Will.

So perfect.
Again, with the blurriness. These people don't understand that my camera has to be slightly pressed down, focused, and then pressed down all the way. I thought it was a universal thing, but apparently not. This is Sterling's mom Cindy, his sister Jenny and brother Ethan.

I LOVE this picture!

Our friend Adam kept jumping over his son Liam and Liam thought it was an absolute riot. I snapped this awesome picture, but apparently I underestimated Adam's jumping skills. 
My beautiful girl. 

Due to the unfortunate blurriness incident, I might have cried a bit and made everyone get back in their church clothes. Aleesha saved the day and snapped a few more pictures. Nobody was impressed, and Ruthie's hair was significantly less curly, but Adam pulled some awesome moves and got some smiles out of Ruthie. I was satisfied that we got a few cute shots of our family to remember the day with. Even if Sterling is scrunching Will into a ball so you can't see his face. But that's kind of hard not to do with a little baby, especially one as scrunchy as Will. Haha.

And a father/son picture. Too handsome. 

Thanks everyone for coming! It was a beautiful day and we were so happy that we were able to spend it with friends and family!


Aleesha Burke said...

Cute cute! I thought I did hold down and got clear pictures of Sterling's fam. Sorry. You got some good ones otherwise. And I look ridiculous in that picture.

Kami said...

So cute! I so wish I could have been there. Will is so scrunchy!!! You just want to squeeze him. Hee. Hee.