Thursday, May 9, 2013

Meeting the Prophets

We went to a Weber State dinner and it was AWESOME! The event was opening a new Boyd K. Packer Center for Family and Community Education for learning under the College of Education at Weber State and since my dad is the dean, and was in charge of the event, he had us(his kids) donate a small amount at Christmas so we were invited to the dinner to honor Elder Boyd K. Packer and his wife. We followed my mom around like little ducklings so we were able to shake Elder Dallin H. Oaks, Elder Neil L. Anderson, Elder L. Tom Perry, and Elder M. Russell Ballard's hands! It was incredible! Elder Perry is SO TALL!!! He came up to our table later in the evening, put one hand on my shoulder and the other on Sterling's and asked how the 'dessert consumption' was going at our table. He said that ours was a good table to eat dessert at, which Sterling wanted me to especially note because that is a big deal coming from an apostle! Haahaa. They were all so nice and friendly and so kind to be willing to shake so many hands! It was such a neat experience. My mom and dad got to eat at the same table as Elder L. Tom Perry and I wanted to hear everything they were saying! When we first walked in I walked just a couple feet away from Elder Neil L. Anderson, but I was so taken off guard that I didn't even know what to do! So I just smiled and kept walking. Luckily, we had the opportunity to shake his hand later. He is a really personable man, its just so surprising to see them NOT behind a podium! OH, and the steak was delicious. Absolutely divine.

On a random note, we had a huge rainstorm beforehand. With hail. Torrential, really. We watched the flash flood out our front door and Ruth kept saying "Wah--der! Wah-der!" We discovered a new sport: watching trash cans float down the street and seeing if they got stopped by anything. Ours got stopped by our neighbors mailbox, until we thought it was in danger of getting bowled over, so Sterling ran out to save it. In the meantime, our neighbors across the street had their trash can floating further than we could see where it went!  It was intense.

Ruth's new favorite books is a Sandra Boynton, not about dogs or letters...but SHOES. Haahaa, she went to bed with it just now. Funny girl.

Oh, and our cute babysitter tonight asked Sterling on the way over what we were going to, and he explained and she said "So, is that a church thing or not? I can't charge for church things." So cute!


Lindsey said...

Wow, what a great experience with the apostles. I've always been shocked with how tall Elder Perry is too!

Kayli said...

jealous. I probably gave more money than you did, too.


Lynn said...

Yes! Elder Perry IS very tall!!! I remember when he came to visit our stake and because Dean was the Stake Ex. Secretary at the time, we got the privilege of going to lunch with Elder Perry. I was SHOCKED at how tall he was. You certainly don't get the perspective when you see the apostles on screen during conference, eh?

Glad you had a great time!