Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Will has officially laughed out loud! (Saturday was the first time, I think?) It is the most adorable sound in my whole life, and I just love that ropy-poly, grinning, happy little man. He is also still sleeping through the night (Yay! That lasted for longer than two nights!) and his molar is almost completely through now. Really weird, I know. Uncommon, crazy, and so bizarre to see a big ol' molar in the top right of his mouth!

Ruthie is a hoot these days. She is also getting along a LOT better with her cousin Devaney (a couple time outs for both of them first thing in the morning, and they were good to go for the rest of the day). Still, Devaney is quite annoyed that Ruthie can't say her name correctly. Ruthie was looking for Dev the other morning and was at the top of the stairs and yelled "NE-MOE-NEE!!!!" and Devaney, at the bottom of the stairs, got all annoyed her name was wrong, and yelled back in disgust "DEVANEY!" Ruth, not realizing Devaney was mad, got quite excited and gleeful to have found Devaney, and yelled back in joy "NE-MOE-NEE!!!!", to which Devaney got even more frustrated and yelled back, "NO! DEVANEY!" It went on for quite some time, Ruthie happy as a clam, and Devaney, incredibly frustrated, and I was watching and laughing SO hard.

The other morning I was blow-drying my hair and getting ready and Ruth (who still cannot open doors, thank the heavens) would say "See ya!" leave, and shut the door behind her. Then she would knock, say "Dope!" (her word for 'door', I really don't know why) "Please!" and so I would open the door, she would pop her head in and yell "Peek-a-boe!" and then start again, "see ya!" I thought it was so funny. It just makes me laugh that she can do the same thing 10 times in a row and think she is hilarious every time.

Also the other morning, she was drinking some milk, and set the cup down on her tray. She let go of her cup before it was actually resting on the tray, so it hit the tray pretty hard and sent her milk flying---right back into her face and literally up her nose! The surprise and astonishment on her face was so hilarious I busted out laughing, and she started crying, poor thing.

Ruth is also in love right now with the wooden puzzles we have (thanks Aunt Bridget!). She carries them around and as much as I try to keep the puzzle pieces in one bag when they aren't being used, they are ALL OVER our house. I peeked in on her in nursery on Sunday and she had a wooden puzzle and some kid tried to take it and she was pretty adamant about "No! Mine!" It made me laugh. I realize we have some major sharing issues (she's not even two yet, please promise me its just a defense mechanism against her older cousins and it won't get worse, please!?!?!?) but it was cute to see her so intent on a puzzle.

Ruth is also in love with her belly button right now. I think its because I've always had her in a onesie, and since its finally warm enough, and she is old enough, we've sort of done away with wearing onesies, which means she can pull up her shirt and see her belly button. She says "Benny Bunnon" and last night, when she discovered that her teddy grahams have belly buttons, you would have thought she just got handed the moon. She was so in love, she couldn't stop giggling. So hilarious.

Ruth also hops, skips, shuffles, trots, and runs(a skipping run) places...but she hardly ever walks normally. It is pretty cute, and it totally steals Sterling's heart every time he watches her. They had a grand time at the playground last night while I chilled on the bench with Will. Which reminds me. We went to MTC park (by the Dino Museum) and walked along the river. Partway through we were throwing rocks in the river with Ruth, or Sterling was, and I was up on the trail pulling out a sad Will from the stroller and strapping him to me. A lady (she looked maybe 35ish) walked by pushing a toddler in a stroller and seriously stopped dead and first thing out of her mouth was "You look SO young." I just kind of smiled, cause really, what do you say to a random lady who just said that to you? Then she asked "Is that baby yours?"
"Yeah, he's mine."
"How old is he?"
"Getting close to 4 months."
"Wow, well, it is worth it." (Will was still crying.)
I just nodded my head and smiled.
Then she said, "Is he your only child?"
"No, my 2-year old and my husband are down there throwing rocks."
"Wow. You look SO----O young!"
And then she walked away. When I'm fifty, and I look like my mom, I'm sure I will be grateful. Maybe its the new hair trim I got on Saturday? Maybe its the jeans and t-shirt I was wearing that still fit me from high school (Seriously, Sterling thinks I should throw away the jeans. But I like them.)? Who knows. But she was flabbergasted. I didn't know whether she wanted to ask me how old I was, and if I should just tell her I was 24? Would she still think that was incredibly young? I don't think so. I think she thought I was a teenager. Really. Hahaa.

And now, me and my chillin's are off to hike!


Kayli said...

I was waiting in the doctor's office this afternoon with just Wyatt, and a lady came in and asked how old he was and said something about that she had 3 kids (or maybe grandkids? she was speaking German quickly) so I volunteered that I have 6 kids and she almost died.

How come this post has no pictures? Rude.

Lindsey said...

Great stories! I especially like the one about Ruth getting milk blasted in her face!