Friday, September 27, 2013

Cheese with my Whine

Did I say the last couple days were rough? Yesterday was a nightmare. So allow me to whine for a few moments(or pages...). I had a lovely day (the day before yesterday) helping my sister Megan can applesauce. Will and Ruth had a cold (as previously mentioned) and Will was starting to wheeze more. Megan decided that I should probably take Will in to the dr. just to check things out. They said they had an appointment at 3:45 and we couldn't be a minute late because the dr. had to leave. I pulled into the parking lot at 3:45 (had to drive from Morgan to Layton) and so instead of pulling out a stroller so I could manage my kids, or grabbing a diaper bag so I could take care of them, I picked both of their sleeping (!) bodies up and RAN to the door. Anyone ever woken up a sleeping 2 yr old? It's not pleasant. When they called us back Ruth started to walk in, decided she'd rather be in the waiting room, and compromised by throwing herself to the floor and screaming. The nice nurse walked around her and said "She must be two!" Yes, yes she is. Then she assured me we were the only ones there and the screaming didn't bother her and it wouldn't bother anyone else. Thank you, thank you. I'd already bitten one fingernail off on the drive, I didn't need to lose any more.

They gave Will a breathing treatment pretty much right off the bat. Which made me nervous and scared also right off the bat...images and emotions from the ER seem to come back pretty quickly with that boy and his breathing. What came first, the chicken or the egg? Asthma, RSV, the cold? Who knows what causes what, but Will seems to have an affinity for asthma-like symptoms. Restricted Airway Disease. He'll probably grow out of it and in the meantime we'll try really hard to give him VERY LITTLE steroids (they gave him a steroid shot last month for croup...also related to this...and so my dr. was very hesitant to give him any more, they can have life-long negative effects if given too much) and give him albuterol through a nebulizer.
Look at the cute little fishy-face!
On the way home, when I was still feeling pretty upset about the whole thing (not to mention an hour at the dr's with that screaming 2 yr old, and the breathing treatment didn't do much for Will's sweet disposition) I discovered my phone was broken. I could hear the people on the other line, but they couldn't hear me. I couldn't even call Sterling and tell him what was going on. My sister Megan caught on pretty quick and we had a couple lovely conversations that went like this "Hey Lindsay, I know you can hear me so just listen...." and she'd proceed to take care of me by having all sorts of wonderful medical knowledge like the wonderful nurse that she is. Then she'd hang up and I'd text her to let her know I'd got it. Sterling and I had a similar conversation in the morning when I was teaching piano "Hey. Hello? Oh yeah, I can't hear you. Well, I put Will in the pack and play while I showered and he cried, and now his wheezing is really bad. I need to talk to you. I don't have Megan's number. I don't know what to do. Oh yeah, you can text me Megan's number. Do that. Bye." And then I texted him the number and he got a hold of me. (I couldn't call him because he doesn't get service at our house so he calls using gmail on his phone.) ANYWAY.

All this led to Alexander's Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. An hour wait for the nebulizer (with 3 kids, I had my niece), over an hour at the Tmobile store, even longer on the phone with them after that(at my sister's, my phone is still broken). Running an errand at WSU and promising the kids a treat at grandpa's if they were good, only to walk up to the building in the middle of a fire drill. Awesome. Some potty accidents at the store, some spilled milk that FLEW across the ENTIRE kitchen. It was just one of those days. Not to mention I hate dealing with customer service people who can't do what you need, and I hate wasting time accomplishing nothing. So I put the kids in the tub at the end of the day for some fun.

By the way, Will is a CRAZY MAN in the tub. He won't stay on his back, so he's constantly flipping onto his stomach(constantly, I can barely hold him still to wash his hair), so I only put the teeniest of water in the tub so he doesn't drown himself. But then last night he decided to try eating the bubbles, so he kept bobbing his head underwater, until I decided I was going to have a heart attack and we needed to be done for the evening, haha.
I think they look alike in this photo. 
See that crazy face?
Lest you think this novel is WAY too much whining...I know, I know. Today is much better. Last night I stayed awake 'til Sterling got home so I saw him for forty-five minutes (longest amount in the last two weeks) and that was really, really nice. I slept in with Will (I was all confused when I woke up at why Sterling was pulling my was Will) and we've just been chilling. I am thankful for my cute little happy kids, my ability to text throughout all of this, and all my family who are so wonderful at helping me out. Also, to a $30 walmart phone which is currently working for me. Here's to a better weekend and a healthy boy!


Lynn said...

HOly!!!! I don't even know what to comment on first. Thank Heavens it's a new day for you now. ; ) P.S. Good for you for documenting it. I don't know why. I just know that someday you will look back on this and give yourself a pat on the back for surviving days like that! The end.

Kyra Moon said...

That sounds like a rough day! Hope Will is feeling better!

Kami said...

So sorry Lindsay. Hey the month of interviews is over though. Yeah I know he has some in Oct. but not so many right?

Lindsey said...

Gees, that was a rough one! I'm sorry it's been so crazy with Sterling being so busy.