Wednesday, June 11, 2014

30 Weeks

Danica was kind enough to point out during our trip that I was 'huge'. Thanks for that one. She said I look now like I looked at 9 months with Ruth and Will. I agree, actually, and I also FEEL that way. I feel like I waddle already. I feel like she is pushing into my insides and I have heartburn like crazy. I have a few new pregnancy symptoms and Sterling keeps laughing about it. "I heard about that happening but since you never had any of that with the first two, I figured it was a really small percentage!" Ha ha for him, not so much for me. Apparently three kids in three years does a number on your bodily functions. 

Sterling's been picky about what I can do the last couple days, probably because I turned into an exhausted zombie after trying to deep clean this apartment, as well as the fact that I was having pretty good contractions. Love that man, so lucky we had three weeks before school starts since this has been such a huge task!

I am getting REALLY excited for this baby girl though! 30 weeks already!?!?! Where did the time fly to? I picked up two little outfits on clearance at Target the other day when I was picking up some cleaning supplies. One is pink. I really hope this baby can wear pink, but she'll have lots of yellow and purple from Ruthie if she's another redhead. Last night Sterling was watching her kick--you could see it, you didn't even need to touch my belly--and we were both amazed that she is that big already! It's coming so fast, and since Sterling starts medical school before she's due, I'm sure it's just going to continue to fly by.

I haven't found a doctor in Miami yet. We're waiting on insurance stuff, but I did get some recommendations from the bishop's wife on Sunday--so hopefully that all goes smoothly. We're getting so excited for you, baby girl!!!!!

I'll add this photo, because grandma bought this shirt for Ruthie right before we moved and I think it is the CUTEST ever. This is after church on Sunday when we had heard the LOUDEST clap of thunder I have ever heard in my existence, and Ruth went around for the next hour with her hands over her ears...just in case. It's rainy season here. It started the day before we moved in. Which means it is usually REALLY muggy, or raining. But not sprinkling. Full-on torrential downpours. Every. Single. Time. Our van was parked right next to the church door on Sunday and we were SOAKED in the .2 seconds it took us to run out there. Craziness. But fun too. Might as well rain like crazy if its going to rain, right!?!


Bridget Cunningham said...

I just caught up on your blog! (Thanks for the FB post reminder) I cried and laughed! It looks like a great adventure with a huge dose of frustrations. I love you all so much! your little belly is adorable and I can't wait to see what this little girl looks like! Keep blogging! I love it!

Kayli said...

Huge just does not apply to you at all. I'm serious.

But you did your hair all cute. Good job for putting in effort! I've not done that really except once since I got my hair cut. Two piggies all the way!

Lindsey said...

You look cute. I'm glad you made it there safely and I'm sorry your apartment is terrible! I hope it gets all worked out soon.

Anonymous said...

Ruthie - you look so cute.!!!!! Lindsay - I agree with Kayli and can't say 'huge' really cuts it!! You look lovely though.