Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Just the Kids

I feel like Ruth has grown leaps and bounds lately. I remember thinking "Will you please sit still for longer than 12 seconds and focus on ONE thing?!?!?!" I just wanted her to be able to sit and color, or read, or something. Now all of a sudden, she seems to be able to do just that. The other day during Sacrament Meeting she spent almost the entire hour taking stickers off a page and putting them into a book. That is an UNHEARD of amount of time for her to focus on something. I also worried that I wasn't being that great at getting her into reading, because she never focused on a book at all. For the past week she has sat on my lap every evening before bed and listened to me read for at least fifteen minutes. Amazing! She will also focus much more on pretend games--mostly Ana and Elsa, playing with her tea set, caring for her doll and bear, and even at picking up her toys when she's finished. While I think this is a heaven sent blessing that I definitely needed before this new baby comes, it still makes me a little sad. It makes her seem so much more grownup. I don't ever want her to grow up. Sigh.

This has also been nice with Will. I don't think he'd sit still and play if he was by himself, but since Ruth is right there, he will sit and play too. Which means I might have to come break up a fight or tantrum every two minutes, but hey, it's better than the 12 seconds. Improvement. Will is getting big lately as well. He still doesn't talk, but he has a version of "momma" that definitely means me and it is hilarious to hear. Today Ruth and Will were having a snack of cheerios at the table and I was in the living room.
Ruth yells: Momma!
me: Yes?
Ruth: I'm finished!
me: Ok, one second.
Will: MOMMA!!!!!
me: Yes?
Will: (pleased little gurgling that he is getting the same attention as Ruth) MOMMA!!!!!
me: Yes?
Ruth: Will needs more cheerios!
me: ok.

That's pretty much how Will's conversations go. He really doesn't need to talk--Ruthie does it for him. But he's pretty proud to get the attention focused on him when he can. He also just learned how to 'fist bump' and it is the CUTEST thing in my life. He winds up his little arm and gives that bump full-force. I love it. He insists on doing it to both of my hands before a fist bump is complete, it is too funny. He's also at the age where he sits in the squat position for hours at a time looking at things and playing with things--it is one of my favorite things. It just looks so adorable to see him squatting and doing something all seriously.

Something they also do right now: shriek. Oh, the shrieking in our house lately!!!! Ruth shrieks because Will took her toy, Will shrieks cause she takes it back, then both shriek as they hit at each other to get the toy. The volumes are high and endless and it is not doing anything for my patience levels. I really want Will to start saying a few more words--just so we don't have shrieking at the dinner table when we can't figure out what he wants! Oh, except he can say 'hi' and he says it every morning in a really pleased voice when you come to get him out of his crib. It is really sweet sounding and I love it.

Will has been an awesome eater lately, which makes me really happy. I randomly weighed them the other day when I was unpacking our scale,  Ruth is 29 pounds and Will is 22 pounds--but he seems SO light! I was pretty worried when he basically stopped eating right before the move when we were at mom and dad's house, but it doesn't seem like it was anything major. He eats pretty much everything, and he's getting pretty good with a spoon. This is a huge thing because he has also been pretty adamant about feeding himself and that can be a big headache to clean up after.

Will is also the best hug-giver around. After ferociously hitting his sister, it's amazing how he can calm down and give just the sweetest hugs to her. He likes to snuggle with me for awhile after his naps and I hope he does it forever. He also gives kisses--mouth completely wide open every time. I love that so much too. The other night I gave him an eskimo kiss and now he'll come up and put his face right in mine and shake it back and forth. So sweet.

Well, there's the stats and updates on my kiddos. I can't believe how fast they grow and how much they can do! It's fun to sit back for a second and remind myself of how fun it is to watch them be little, sometimes being in the thick of it is too stressful to enjoy--but I do love it, and they are the best!

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