Thursday, June 5, 2014


We are here. I started blogging about it, but mostly I am exhausted and want to go to bed. This time change is catching up to me, I think. It has been rough. Mostly due to the state of our apartment. A new owner just bought it and we were under the impression it was going to be completely repainted and fixed by the time we got here. Ha. Ha. Ha. It's so funny I've been crying about it pretty regularly for the past few days. Sigh. But here's some great things we have seen in Miami:

-the park is fun even in the rain and it's pretty exciting to play in warm rain
-nice security guards that kick you off beaches because it is after sunset have the courtesy (in awesome Creole accents) to ask if we are the 'Utah van' and then proceed to give us 'safety tips' like taking our GPS off of our dash (a sincere thanks on this one--I never even thought twice about it).
-no bugs. I was SO worried about this one, so far we've seen LOTS of lizards (we watch them regularly while eating breakfast and lunch out our porch door) and a few little tiny spiders and things that one would normally have around, but nothing major.
-when it rains, it feels like a sauna. Literally. But when it's sunny outside there is always a beautiful ocean breeze and it doesn't feel too bad-I like it.
-the trees here look fake because their leaves are so thick. Also neon pink and purple flowers EVERYWHERE. Also these trees with orange blossoms are everywhere.

I know there is probably a lot more I could say, but I'll just post some pictures for now.

At the Florida welcome center that closed about 45 minutes before we drove up.

Best niece ever.

28 weeks.
I took Danica to the ocean for about 3.1 minutes while the Elders Quorum were unloading our van. I am pretty useless and it was probably more helpful to take the kids elsewhere than stick around. 
 The following pictures are from tonight when we went to a lagoon about 10 minutes from our house. We needed a break from our apartment and it was perfect-beautiful, warm, breezy, and gorgeous.
My heart. I am so in love with this photo. 

Those legs!!!
He should be on a postcard.
Love you all!


Kayli said...

Pretty palm trees!

Anonymous said...

I look so ugly in all those pictures! eeew! but it was still fun :)---danica