Wednesday, June 25, 2014

It's 10am

10am and I am out of ideas for the day. Except for swimming. Which we will definitely do. I thought if I got the kids ready and out the door we could enjoy the park--we left at 8am and by the time Ruth had an accident about twenty minutes after getting there, Will's entire head of hair was wet with sweat and all of us felt the same way. To say it was humid is an understatement. So we came home. To beautiful air conditioning. And I don't think we'll leave again except to swim. Probably for the next three months. Good plan, no?

I currently don't have a camera, so I'm sorry for the lack of photos in my recent posts. But I am excited because I finally decided to return the lens I got off of amazon and just get the same version as my old one. It won't zoom as much (which is why I tried this new lens, besides that mine was broken) but I get so frustrated not having the image stabilizer, which is what makes it possible to snap pictures of my kids and get fifty of them right in a row that all look great. So...until I have a new lens, we are photo-less.

On Friday, before Sterling started school we went to the Miami Children's Museum because every third Friday is free. I thought it would be nice to check it out while I had Sterling to help me and then I would know how often I wanted to come back. Never, is the answer to that. It was CRAZY. A lady told me that I should come on a Monday, because they have more toddler-geared activities and it is a lot less busy, but since it is $18 per person to get in, and you have to pay for everyone 12mo and up, that is never going to happen. I was SO SCARED I was going to lose my children--it was so insane. I had to stand right beside Will and fend off the older kids so they wouldn't steal his fishing rod when he finally got one. They had some really cool stuff actually, but not worth it for the price, and I wouldn't ever want to do the craziness of a free day again, especially by myself. It was barely manageable with two of us. It would probably be ok if you had a 6 and 7 year old, but Ruth's head would bob and I'd think I'd know she was right ahead of me and then suddenly there would be swarms of other heads and I had no idea where she was. Seriously gave me a heart attack all afternoon. So I'm glad we got that out of the way and next time we'll just pay the $5 parking fee at the lagoon and let the kids play in the mud with their buckets--which is what we did the next afternoon.

We walked around this lagoon by our house the first week we moved in, so we came back to swim in it. It was a perfect morning, hot by 9am so it was nice to sit in the water and the kids just played with their shovels and buckets the entire time. Sterling and I said there were pro's and con's to going there or going to the ocean. I like the ocean better. But I think it will be easier to keep track of my kids at the little lagoon--plus they have a lifeguard, which, I would probably get their faster since it is a HUGE lagoon, but it still eases the mind. They were just taking stuff down from filming a commercial when we got there--a lady from the set gave us a bunch of mini water bottles cause she thought Ruth was so cute--and it was seriously the most beautiful morning for that. The palm trees looked just like they should with a perfectly clear blue sky behind them, the water was gorgeous and the sand was yellow and soft. We just lazed around and Sterling took a minute to enjoy not being in school yet. So glad we went!

Monday we hit up toddler reading time at the library--which was awesome!- and yesterday we made play dough while Will napped and then went swimming in the afternoon, which was also awesome. It is hot, so any other outside activities that don't involve water sound pretty unappealing. Sterling is loving school, he's supposed to get his iPad today so he was pretty excited this morning. And that's about all we've been up to lately.

PS As far as the house goes, the manager came yesterday and FINALLY finished the last sink that was leaking, updated us on when the stove part would come, said that he almost had the owner convinced to get us a new fridge (as long as we put in some information from the 'inspector' we had talked to that said mold was bad--my aunt who is a medical professional and currently serving in the Ft. Lauderdale mission where she said they replace fridges for missionaries that have had mold because of health risks) and...I think I can live here. It's actually in a pretty nice area, and when you spend most of the day at the pool, you don't notice the moldy boards under the sinks so much.

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