Monday, June 23, 2014

Right Now

Whelp folks, it's official. I dropped Sterling off at the metro this morning and he should be in his first day of orientation right now. I keep telling him 'You are starting medical school!' to which he replies, 'Well, it's just masters classes for the summer.'  but that kind of takes the excitement out of it. He's starting his program. Which includes medical school. Which is CRAZY!

How did we get here already? My mom called and chatted yesterday and my sister-in-law Brooke happened to be there visiting (my brother, her husband, is a doctor) and all she had to say was 'Welcome to not having a husband for the next four years!' Sigh. Today I've fed the kids breakfast, cleaned up breakfast, put them in clothes, and we're planning on going to story time at the library. I can do this, right?!?!?!

Sterling has worked long and hard for this and we're HERE!!!! We are in MIAMI! He is going to University of Miami! He's all accepted and actually starting! My dad always says "You'd be living and struggling whether you're in school or not, so you might as well be in school." Yup. Might as well. It's a little odd thinking that today is the first day of what the next four years of our lives will be like.

Good luck to the love of my life! You deserve this and I am so happy to be on this journey with you!

PS Did you know that Brightly Beams in the Spanish hymnbook is not a men's chorus song? But has a treble line? Yeah. I was supposed to accompany in Relief Society, but I had just grabbed an english hymnbook, and I was SO confused at how they wanted me to play it--until I looked in the Spanish book and realized the top hand notes are completely different. Just FYI in case you ever come across the same problem.

PPS We're still getting crazy rain storms over here. Last night my visiting teacher came over and as soon as she left I told Sterling we needed to go on a walk RIGHT THEN before it started to rain. Four minutes after we got back the heavens opened and it started DOWN-POURING! And right as Sterling said something about how its crazy the rain just comes down, without any wind or anything, the wind picked up, there was some crazy storming and the tree behind our apartment bent alarmingly, and the power went out. For three hours. It's kind of crazy to have no power for three hours. Quite the storm.

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