Monday, June 16, 2014

Miami Zoo

Ben and Beth were amazing-again-and gave us some discount tickets to the zoo. It was so much fun! It's HUGE! We were there for over four hours and made it through about 1/5 of the map. Craziness. It's definitely a little bigger than the Hogle Zoo, haha. 

Ruth had fun spotting the animals. I was showing Ruth the pelican, below, when she spotted the second one and she was so excited!!!

We went inside the Wings of Asia building. Ruth was more impressed with the fish floating around than the dozens of birds flying around--typical. :)

 I'm having a hard time. I know if it was me looking at someone's pictures, I'd scroll through all the animal pictures and just look at the ones of them--but some of the animals were SOOOO cool!

This guy was my favorite bird, he literally has a box on his head!


This cool bear was just hangin' out in a tree. Haha!
Meet Henry. He provided a LOT of entertainment. He swung around branches and ropes for us, he walked up close to us, and he walked over to a window when we asked him to (Ruth decided she wasn't SO fond of being that close). It was awesome!

And this orangutan was my favorite thing we saw today. So here are WAY too many pictures of him:

Henry and him are buds.

 I know, I know. You're sick of the monkey pictures. It was so cool though! 
Henry getting a little too close to Ruthie for comfort.
 On to the tiger.

The tiger had his own castle. Pretty sweet.

Pretty majestic looking. 
After the tiger we stopped for lunch (PB&J) and Ben and Beth took Caroline home for a nap. It was the most humid day we've been outside in Miami so far--it was a little bit horrid. Sterling said he wanted to start carrying a hankie around in his pocket so he could wipe his brow with it periodically throughout the day. It could definitely be useful. I felt so sticky. Yuck. So we decided to head towards the splash pad and see what we could see in the meantime.
Random fluffy dude.
 TURTLES! My absolute FAVORITE animal!!! These dudes were BIG.

Hot. Sticky. Watching the turtles. 
Watch out for the wart hogs!

Okay, this might be my favorite part. You start walking along the Amazon River. It was absolutely gorgeous. Even in the humidity. Although I felt a little like getting on a wooden raft and singing 'Old Man River' while we sauntered along. 

Isn't that scenery just gorgeous?
We made it to what we *thought* was the splash pad. Turns out there is a much bigger, much better, much more exciting splash pad about a hundred yards from where we were. But when we walked past it was packed, so I'm kinda glad we stopped here and stayed. The kids LOVED it. Unfortunately, adding to an already long list of bruises from that morning, Ruthie fell on the corner of a rock and sliced her thigh and palm. Her thigh only bled a little but her palm bled and bled. Used up all four of the bandaids I had in my diaper bag--guess I should revamp that supply a little. Surprisingly, she stayed happy and continued to play for a LONG time.
He's started pulling you to where he wants to go, it's pretty cute. 
Where is he pulling me?

Nothing we said or threatened could convince them to stop drinking the water. I think Ruthie was mostly just sticking her face in--but Will got a mouth full a few times. 

This is what I did while Sterling played with the kids. Seriously, it was SO hot by that point. I wanted to make it through the Amazon section so bad but I decided to call it quits after that because I just couldn't handle walking in the humidity anymore. I came home and ate no less than 6 otter pops with the AC blowing in my face. I'm not sure I'm used to you yet, Miami.
31 weeks.
Due to the extreme hot weather and Ruthie's sadness at leaving the water--we promised her an ice cream cone. It was practically melted when they handed it to us over the counter. But I still think it was thoroughly enjoyed. 

When we got back in the van it said it was only 84 degrees. Oh humidity, you definitely were there today! Actually, on our walk back to the van the beautiful breeze that I usually can feel came back and it wasn't too terrible. Next time, we'll hit all the other sweet places and the big splash pad. But all in all, it was a terrific day. We saw TONS of cool animals (koalas, kangaroos, howling dogs, lizards, snakes, wart hogs, warty pigs, and more!) Ruth LOVED the animals, we all did really, and it was so beautiful and entertaining. Ben and Beth were amazing and gave us discount passes for the day and we can take them in for 40% off a year pass--which I think we'll end up doing. The zoo is RIGHT by our house, it's going to take us months to explore all of it, and I think we can visit for the splash pad alone until it cools down in the winter months and then we can enjoy other parts too. 

Thanks for a great day, Zoo Miami!


Bridget Cunningham said...

A few questions: how did I not know you loved turtles?! Those are my fav too!!!! Second, is covering her ears something ruthie does now when she is scared or just loud? The one with the Henry monkey is the pic I'm wondering about, I know on the last post you said the city was loud, but was the zoo loud? Lastly

Bridget Cunningham said...

It wouldn't let me type longer.. Lastly.. How are is your belly so tiny and cute still?! Update pics please:) love you guys! And I totally vote you

Bridget Cunningham said...

Ahhh sorry my phone is retarded!! I vote you buy zoo passes!! Totally worth it!

The Haws Family said...

Yeah I don't know if she was covering her ears so much as just tying to hide and back away. But no it wasn't loud. i didn't know you liked turtles either :) and lastly?....

The Haws Family said...

Ha ha my belly feels huge I think that picture is deceiving :)thanks though!!

Kayli said...

That crocodile looks ferocious and like it's going to come eat you immediately.

Ummm TURTLES are your favorite animal? Okay.... you sure you don't want to reconsider?

Ruthie looks concerned to be in a snake.

I like the picture of Ruthie and Will at the splash pad bent over to take a drink :)

Anonymous said...

Looks like a fun day and I think that the zoo might just be the place to go this year. Great pics. Miss you and glad you can post so we can see your adventures.
Love you. Mom

Lindsey said...

That zoo looks amazing and you guys look great!