Monday, June 30, 2014


I got tired of not having any pictures on the blog, so here are some *awesome* phone pictures. Also, the awesome video above. Yesterday I was skyping with my mom and I showed her the rain out the door and she was duly impressed, so I thought I'd share the video I took a couple days before. It downpours with these HUGE drops of rain that instantly drench you every. single. day. Yup. That's right. And then in-between the downpours there is beautiful blue sky and sunshine.  So we're learning to take the sunshine and run with it when it happens. Which means we have gone swimming at 9am several times this past week, which worked out great (its already 90 degrees, it only cools down about 5 degrees at night) since it rained every afternoon. 
The pool is so beautiful at 9am. All those apartments behind the pool? That's what ours looks like, only you can't see our building from the pool.
This is what swimming in the morning does for Will. He misses his morning nap, gets worn out from sunshine and water, and barely makes it through lunch before going down for a beautifully long nap. It's actually quite nice since he doesn't get fussy at the pool.

On an afternoon of swimming. 
I made a batch of strawberry jam this week. I have no idea if it worked or not, I actually haven't tried it yet. They didn't have the same kind of pectin here that I usually use so mom wasn't sure if it was the right kind for freezer jam or not. I should try it out. Ruth loved helping.

I have been enjoying Will's nap time as a time to relax and spend some one-on-one time with Ruthie. I feel like in Utah that time was jam-packed with laundry and cleaning and cooking because I'd been gone working, or babysitting, or something, and needed to catch up. So while it is hard to think up things to do, it has also been really nice for me to have the time to focus on her and do a few fun activities.
And last, but not least, an absolutely horrible selfie. Apparently the lighting, plus my not-so-great phone is not the greatest combo. I am 33 weeks.
Right now 33 weeks means:
Popping tums pretty regularly depending on what we eat. 
Having regular contractions that are starting to hurt. (don't be alarmed, I had contractions for about four weeks and was dilated for three of them before having Will three weeks early, so this is just about on schedule, I guess)
More varicose veins than should be allowed on any person, ever. Ruff. And ruff again. 
Not really hungry for much, heat tends to do that to me, but I do consume a large amount of popsicles!
Loving long baths, as always, but usually I'm just as worn out from the pool as Will so I pick bed over bath.
Having to get up 80,000 times a night to go an incredibly small amount---I find this SOOOOO annoying! (especially the last couple nights because for some random reason Ruthie has been waking up and not going back to sleep so I feel like I don't sleep at all!)
Baby girl likes to start moving when I lay down which also makes falling asleep difficult and as much as I like knowing she's doing ok, its somewhat annoying.
I can't decide if this baby is breech or not and I am still stressing about it a bit--hopefully I'll have a dr.'s appointment next week and I'll have a more thorough idea.

And that's all folks!

PS Big shout out of thanks to Bridget for the skirt I'm wearing and the 3 others just like it that she gave me after her mission. I didn't wear them much when pregnant with Will, but with this heat they are LIFESAVING! 

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Bridget Cunningham said...

Oh cute! I didn't even notice the skirt! You look adorable!