Wednesday, June 18, 2014


On our way to Miami we stopped in Murray, Kentucky--where Sterling grew up and his brother Paul lives. It was only 40 minutes out of our way and it was the first time Sterling has been with both of those siblings at the same time since he was about twelve. We were sorry Marlowe (just younger than Sterling) wasn't able to make it, but he's in the middle of a summer semester at WSU. It was pretty neat to see the house he grew up in. But man, the mosquitoes!!! Poor Danica had about 8 bites on her legs before we found some repellent. Also...the humidity. There was no ocean breeze to help there, and it was HOT! 
I love this picture. Kathy looks so beautiful, I think Ruthie looks like her.
Sterling, Kathy, Paul
Our attempt at a family photo. Awesome.
Ruthie and her cousin Kaylebb.
Will and his cousins Charlotte and Zackary.
Tiffany, Zackary, Kaylebb, Charlotte, and Paul
They hosted a wonderful barbecue and some other family members were able to come as well. I'll have to search on Facebook for some pictures of Kathy's kids JoJo, Jaxon, and Mia. Although they recently moved to Utah and we were able to spend time and take pictures with them there before we left, so that was nice. Hopefully in the future we'll be able to make longer trips out to visit and spend more time getting to know Sterling's siblings, but we're thankful we were able to make the stop on this trip.

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