Monday, July 6, 2015

4th of July

We had such a great 4th of July!!! 

We went to Morgan for all of their festivities, because that way all my sisters and nieces could run the 5k that morning. But since no one got home from Logan's Freedom Fire until 1am that morning, no one actually got up to run the 5k, haha.
These girls have played SOOO well this entire trip, it makes me so happy! Megan dropped Devaney off with us for three days last week, and they were outside in the backyard the entire time. I am so happy Ruth got to know her cousins so much better this trip!
Waiting for the parade. Quite the clan.
Myles was in the band in the parade. Love that boy.

All those girlies had matching shirts. So cute.
And these girlies!
I just want everyone to move to Miami with us. I am going to miss all these sweet helpers!

All the cousins that were there. Minus Miriam who was missing (I note this because I find it hilarious because it is such a normal occurrence.)
I tried to take a family photo and failed miserably.

Then we walked over to the Morgan park where they had carnival games and bouncy houses and things set up for the kids. They let all the 5 and under crowd walk around the stage in their 4th of July outfits. It was really fun to watch them. Molly LIT UP on the stage. Apparently we found her happy place? Somewhere that she doesn't just frown at you? Haha!
Harriet, Devaney, Ruthie. With all my siblings clapping on the front row.
Awww, Ruthie wore that same outfit three years ago. It has flown by so fast! Molly is SOOO adorable!!!
Just so so so cute!!!

Lined up on stage.

See how happy Molly is up there?
It's funny to have Jubal here now because everyone is comparing Jubal's size and Molly's size because they are three weeks apart. Molly is SOOOO itty bitty compared to that chubby guy! She is itty bitty anyway, but it's so funny to see HOW tiny. My sweet little baby.

They had a photo booth that we commandeered for a minute. It was awesome.

They also had train rides that Will cried about getting on (I got in so he could sit on my lap) and then he cried getting off. Haha.
This made Ruth's whole day! She was SOOOO excited to meet Anna and Elsa and then to get a picture with them!!!
After those festivities we headed over to Megan's for some hamburgers and homemade rootbeer. It is just not July 4th without dad's homemade rootbeer. So good.

Then there was some sprinkler fun out in the field---watch out for the manure piles, haha!

Then my awesome sister Kami made these enormous bubbles that kept the kids entertained FOREVER!

Some crazy shenanigans.
Me and my momma.

After we drove back to Hyrum, I woke Ruthie up to go watch some of the fireworks. What a perfect 4th!!!

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Looks like a whole lot of fun!