Sunday, July 5, 2015

Bear Lake

Two years ago we camped at Bear Lake. I can't remember where Sterling was (I think working two jobs) but I camped alone with two kids. Set up my own tent, got up at night to nurse. And it wasn't even that bad--I love camping! But I didn't really want to do that again with three kids and a nursing baby. Plus, then we would have had to bring all our camping stuff from Miami. So I opted to just drive up for a day to enjoy the festivities and not camp. When my kids were screaming in the middle of the night that night, I was happy we were at home. But I was REALLY REALLY sad to leave.

It was such a fun, fun, FUN day!!! (Also, we drove to the Idaho side of the lake for a better beach. While the sand was...not really sand, when you are used to Florida beach, the water was GORGEOUS.)
I love this picture of Nicolas. This is the smirk he always gives me. Haahaa.
Our setup.
Megan had these two kayaks that she brought. Best things ever. I had told my kids the entire drive that we got to go on a boat and it was going to be AWESOME. So the first thing they saw were these little kayaks, and Will totally thought this was the 'boat' and was THRILLED. He liked the real boat a lot, too. Haha.
Will, Anders, Ruthie. Anders was so great with those two! 
My sister Kami is the bomb.
We had some birthday festivities for my niece Isabelle. 

Kiersten LOVES Molly (okay, Molly has been a HOT commodity. It has been a little overwhelming to me trying to keep track of her and make sure all the little ones are taking decent care of her. But she has been eating it up and it is SO fun that everyone loves her SOOOO much!!!!)
Amy, mom, Kami
Megan refused to smile for my photo.
Will LOVED this watering can. We really need to invest in one now.

Isabelle, Kiersten, Elena 
Crazy fun teenagers. Ana, Danica, Myles, Lynnaea
Kami and Leo
Fun in the sand. (or mud, whichever) 
I kayaked out a ways with my kids. They were loving it. But that is some arm workout!!! Too bad you can't row with your legs or I would've been golden, haha!

Mom came out with us.

Grandma and Molly
Kami is a true artist. In every sense of the word. And ya know, all true artists lob mud at their creations. 
Molly sneaking into the chips.

Awww, mother daughter. 
Coming in from the boat.
 I was too chicken to take my camera out on the boat. But, oh! HEAVEN! I always have babies and I always am boating with a zillion people, and I always feel bad taking up boat time for others. But this time I went out with the 'adults' who were more than happy to have my little kids along. Which was awesome. It meant they had fun playing with my babies, who all LOVED being on the boat, and I got to ski. It hurt for the next four days, but OH it was so worth it! My kids loved being out on the boat and watching the water. Devaney is so brave and was jumping off the side of the boat every time we stopped for the skier. Luckily, Ruthie has some awesome aunts who would jump into the freezing water with her until she was brave enough to jump off the boat all by herself and swim around to the crawl in. She had such a great time. Thanks for the boating, Megs!

Kami's final creation.
Running and scaring the birds. 
Molly decided to take on kayaking all by herself.

Their beautiful campsite. With lots of dust due to us driving up the road. Absolute heaven.

On our drive home.
I kind of wish I would have camped. But it was so nice to get up there even for the one day. It was so beautiful! A perfect day at the lake.

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