Sunday, July 5, 2015

Cousins and Canyons

Cowen, Devaney, Anders, Oskar, Nash, Ruthie 
Same age. Missing Wyatt in Pennsylvania.
Same age. So sweet! Little Megs, Myles, and Katelyn
Andrea and Emeline
Same age! Ruth, Devaney, Karlee, and Harriet
Same age (but what a height difference!) Tyson, Lynnaea, Kali, Garrett, Miriam
The original oldest. My babies. When did they get so big? They are supposed to be playing house with me! Little Megs, Danica, Katelyn, Tyson, Myles, and Olivia in front. 
Kam and Amy
Brooke and Derek
 I want to hike, hike, hike! But unfortunately, one adult plus three kids three and under is kind of dicey for hiking. So mom and I have been searching for some easy trails and have come up with some great spots in Logan canyon. At least I get my mountain fix!

Love that boy!

That mountain! 
Throwing rocks.
Mom is Iron Woman.

I got a sweet shot of Devaney. Such a cutie pie.

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Kayli said...

I like that some of your same-age groups include pretty much a 3-year gap. ;)