Thursday, July 23, 2015

Blacksmith Fork+Ogden Temple

Kami was sad that she hadn't been here when we went up to Blacksmith Fork Canyon the first time, so we headed up again! Ya know, it's SO difficult going there. Haha. 
Jennae came to, as per her honorary Rasmussen family membership allows, haha.
Most gorgeous place ever.
Grandma and Elena. So sweet.
Molly and the biggest brown eyes you ever saw.
Kisses from grandma. 
Ruthie smiled for me so she could have a s'more.

Dad was telling us all sorts of stories of his rebel days. That cheesy grin doesn't hide anything. Haha.

Ruth tried the merry-go-round flat on her back.  
Ruth was so excited to climb a tree!
I am SOOO in love with those two. And those smiles. And those twinkly brown eyes.
Oh, I guess I uploaded some riding pics too.

Dad put Molly in the trough SEVERAL mornings. Then he didn't have to worry about her, so it was a great plan. She even started waving every time the horse and rider went by. Cutest thing in my life.

Molly leading the horse.

My sister Kami taught me how to make macaroons. Kind of. It had been a really busy day and my kids were not into me cooking. So between entertaining them and Kami being awesome, she basically made them herself. They look a little scrunched, but trust me, they were divine.
 I was lucky enough to get to do a session in the new and improved Ogden temple with my sister Kami and her husband Leo. (Third wheel. Oh wait, that's how it was all summer, haha.) It is GORGEOUS and BEAUTIFUL and such a neat experience.

So pretty.
Eventually, I will be caught up from Utah, haha.

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