Friday, July 24, 2015

Grandma's House, Sterling's home!

We planned a big celebration for Sterling. Okay, it was really the last day EVERYONE was around, but it was the FIRST day he got to see everyone--so we partied! 

Dad took us on a ride in the morning. I didn't bring my camera. Fail, I know. It was gorgeous and beautiful and breathtaking and so much fun. But before we went, the kids got some riding in, too:
No true princess rides without her crown. Also, I love that her hair matches Roxie's.

Can we say cheeser?
He was loving that they were so close to pet.
Kami's cute family waiting for a ride. Ana was at AFY, which she loved, and made me reminisce about OYA (which is what it was called back in ancient times, because I am suddenly SO OLD).
Jubal man, Molly's twin.

Lando and Will being so cute. 
I love that Lando is giving Jubal kisses.
Handsome boys.
Same age. Molly and Jubal are three weeks apart and Clover (the chunker) is four months younger. This really was the best picture I got. We even tried on two different days. You just can't force babies to look and smile.
Or be nice, haha. I think his intentions were good though, I think he was going for a hug.
And I add this one just cause Clover and Jubal are so cute. Why is my baby so uninterested?!
More twinners. Oskar is three weeks younger than Will. Nicolas is six months older I think.

I love Will's smile right here. And of course, Lando's roar!
We celebrated Jubal's first birthday as part of the celebration. The cake was incredible--Kami is amazing. Sterling was in LOVE with the dark chocolate.

Grandpa Jack
Aren't Sterling and Will the absolute cutest?!

Olivia, Danica, Lynnaea, Miriam
Sleeping chubby Clover.

We had a massive Koob tournament. It was amazing. We lost miserably, but it was still amazing, haha.

Then we roasted hot dogs in my parents fire pit. Which we used less this summer than Blacksmith Fork Canyon, which is a true travesty and will have to be rectified next year.
Ana whistling with grass. I can't do that. Also, new boots. They are soooo beautiful!

Oh my gosh that day, every single time I looked at grandma we were both almost in tears. It was such a good stay.
Grandma and my girls.
Also, that garden behind them!
Grandpa and Elena.
The first day we got there, six weeks before, there was one TINY row of sprouting somethings. Insane what six weeks can do.
Chad is crazy and hooked two swings to one chain. It was pretty awesome though.
Dog pile on Uncle Leo. 
The kids played outside for quite some time. I just couldn't quite pull them back in for bed when I knew it was their very last night to see everyone. Oh how I wish you could just blink and be with family whenever you wanted!!!
This cute girl walking around.
That ended the only day that Sterling saw my family in Utah and a huge day full of lots of festivities and fun and food. Perfection. Oh Grandma's house, you sure know how to show a great time. And Grandpa's horses---we'll be missing 'Pokey' for a LONG time.


kami said...

Oh my goodness!!! Those pictures were fabulous. Sniff. It went by too fast.

kami said...

I need these photos! Will you upload them to Dropbox for me? Pretty please?