Friday, July 24, 2015

Ogden Temple

We spent the day that we would have visited the baby twins, packing. It was quite boring. I cut Sterlings hair. We got an oil change for the van. And then we stopped by the Ogden temple so Sterling could see how beautiful it was! We let Ruth and Will run up and touch it. They thought it was the greatest. I think it's the greatest. I'm still a little sad it's remodeled and not quite the same as 'my' temple. It's where I went as I grew up. But I love it now, too. It is incredibly beautiful. The stained glass is amazing. The grounds are amazing. I love to see the temple.

Ruthie touching it, so sweet. 

I should be a temple photographer. It's fun!

Yes, I really did just post that many pictures of the temple. It was beautiful. The day was beautiful. Being with my family (even outside) was beautiful. The mountains were beautiful. The sun was glorious. I whittled down the number of photos, trust me. 

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