Saturday, November 17, 2012


My best friend Aleesha had a birthday yesterday, so we had to party. We ate at Kneaders (never been there before, had the most DIVINE sandwich I have ever had, and I'm already craving it again) and then went to the Grand Opening of the new Outlet mall in Lehi. It was pretty, and there were huge sales, and Sterling bought me an INCREDIBLE Christmas present (I am SO SO SO excited!!!!!). We were going to watch a few activities they had going on, but Sterling and I hit traffic on the way there, so we were pretty late. It was a fun night though, and I hope Aleesha had a WONDERFUL birthday!


Kayli said...

so super cute!

Anonymous said...

Who is that man ? with Aleesha???? Amy says that he looks kind of iffy!!! I say he looks more than a little iffy!