Sunday, November 25, 2012

No Pictures

Thanksgiving was UHH-MAZING!  (think Rook games, Spot It--a new one from Amy-- impromptu shopping at midnight with my mom, Brooke, Lindsay Ann and Katelyn, Ethan racing my sister Megan across a parking lot while she was barefoot and he was on crutches, four long tables set up inside the house and one set up outside for the boys, bowling, swimming, and the highlight... tables and tables of delicious food). I keep wanting to post lots of pictures. Unfortunately, I seem to have maxed out my picture storage limit. While I figure out how to fix that, you'll just have to know that the weekend was awesome. My family is awesome. We had a fabulous time. I saw my husband WAY more than usual!!!! And we are going to bed. Really early tonight. I can't believe the amount of sleep I've been living on lately. :)

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Lindsey said...

Sounds fun! I went through the same issue with the storage limit. I looked it up online and you can have an unlimited limit if your pictures are smaller (I can't remember the size, but you can look it up). I was definitely annoyed, but it's been fine since!