Friday, November 30, 2012

Thanksgiving, again

Can you bake a cherry pie, Billy Boy, Billy Boy? Can you bake a cherry pie, charming Billy?
Yes! Yes, I can! And Sterling LOVED it. My family, not so much. I tasted it a wee bit just to check out the crust recipe I tried. Obviously, this pie was for my very odd husband (I mean, the man picks fruit over sweets?!?!?) and not for my chocolate-loving family. But he said it was amazing. Thanks to my friend Britney for the pie crust recipe, and for several times on google finding a pie filling that worked great!
Oh yeah, the picture is pre-cooked. I was going to take another one, but we were anxious to get to my sister's and join the Thanksgiving festivities :)

I did not take pictures at the pool, and obviously, my wonderful sister Amy had issues with my camera. Sorry for the fuzziness. 
The above picture is my awesome sister-in-law Lindsay Ann. Yeah, we have the same name. Pretty sweet. Also, she was awesome and got up early to go Black Friday with my teenage nieces. She bought these AMAZING mustard pants. She looked smokin' amazing. So amazing that she was the hot topic of the evening while bowling. Every time she bowled there was a "work the mustard" comment, or something similar. If you know my dad, and my brothers Wyatt and Derek, you could only imagine the hilarity that this caused. Awesome.
Ruth loved these stairs. For over an hour. Sweetness. 

Myles and Garrett 

Chad and Anders. I think that is Kiersten in the background.
Brynne. I know these pictures are terrible, I add this one because Danica and little Megan were AWESOME and took Ruth down this slide a LOT. Ruth, however, did not like that giant splash at the end, so they were also awesome at holding her high above their heads at the bottom, so she did not get splashed in the face. She loved it. 

Brynne again.

The awesome slide-masters little Megs and Danica.

We had Thanksgiving out at my sister Megan's house. Which meant there were horse-rides afterwards. Ruth loves those. 
While wandering outside, I saw these three hooligans (Myles, Garrett, Tyson) on the roof of the barn. I didn't tell their mothers, but I did take a picture. See what a good aunt I am???
My sister Megan and my mom both had their cameras out frequently, so while I slacked and enjoyed my weekend...I'm hoping I can steal the fruits of their labors now :).

We had a fabulous Thanksgiving weekend. Partied harder than I have in a LONG LONG time. I got hardly any sleep, played LOTS of games, and had a really great time with my sister Amy who was visiting all the way from Arizona with her family and my brother Derek that was visiting all the way from Canada with his family. Good times.

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