Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A little bit o' Thanksgiving (for a minute)

Ok, like I said, I rarely picked up my camera over the Thanksgiving holidays. And as it turns out, the people who did, had NO IDEA how to use my camera. Poor mom was trying to catch this action, and yelling at me the whole time to tell her how to make it not dark. As you can see, I helped finally...but only in time for the last picture. Haahaa.

These pictures are from the night we left all the older grandkids in charge of the littles and went bowling and to dinner just with the adults. It was a great night. We came home to this game(Little Megan being Simon):

Maloree, Kali, Ashlee, Cassidy, Anders, Nash, (? on the floor?) Lynnaea

Brynne, Kiersten, Devaney.....the same kids

I added this picture mostly because of Cassidy's awesome leg-pose. Her poses (and Brynne's) were definitely something to behold.

And like my sister Megan said on her blog, we are very thankful to have Wyatt, the Pied Piper, in our family. I think the final Simon Says was to give Wyatt a hug. Or possibly attack him at will? Oh...and I glimpse some stellar mustard pants in the back! 

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Lindsey said...

That's so cute. Simon says is always a hit!