Wednesday, December 19, 2012


I cleaned Sterling's teeth this morning. Cleaning your husband's teeth is more challenging, because they are more apt to second-guess what you are doing. Having a one and a half year old sitting on his lap the entire experience definitely added. It went something like this:
"Ouch. That hurts. It really does hurt, I'm not just saying it hurts."
"It hurts because of all the soda you drink that I tell you not to. Plus, if you flossed correctly, this area wouldn't be sore, and it wouldn't hurt. Stop whining so that Ruthie likes the dental office."
"You sure you checked that spot really well? I really think its a cavity. Why would it be brown if there's not a cavity. How do you get staining......."(husband continues trying to talk about EVERYTHING while I'm trying to work. Makes it really hard to work.)
"I'd really prefer it if you were looking in my mouth when your sharp instruments are in there." (this was when I was trying to give Ruth something to keep her occupied)

Needless to say, we did get the cleaning accomplished. Good thing too, because we decided it must have been almost a year since I've cleaned his teeth, and that is not so awesome.

I did feel kind of bad that he thought I was so mean, until I cleaned my co-workers teeth next and she thought I was amazing and said I had "gifted hands" that knew just how much pressure to put so that she knew I was cleaning well, but not enough to hurt. Now I just need to remember to get my husband in every six months.

We also tried using an electric toothbrush with the small head for Ruth tonight, and it was pretty awesome. She didn't like it at all, but was fascinated enough that she let it stay in her mouth for a fairly long amount of time.

I also had three of the worst patients of my life today at work. Sterling said "Was he as bad as me?" Ummm....there is no way to even compare a smoker and a non-smoker mouth. They are in different leagues. I spent an hour working on the lower canine to the next canine....which is six teeth. All I can say is, I'm glad I poke them with a needle and get them good and numb first. And if you know what interpapillary injections are---they are my best friends.

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Brad and Jenn said...

Lol, reading about you cleaning Sterling's teeth made me chuckle. I do the same thing to Brad when he does manual therapy to me, and vice versa. Haha, somehow when you are so close to a person, you question everything they do (even though they do it to much worse off real patients every day)...Doesn't make sense. Haahaa. Anyway, thanks for sending the Christmas card!! It made my day. :)