Friday, December 28, 2012


A whole slew o' Christmas...
Pj's. Wyatt. HAHA.
Cassidy's pants were too big and wouldn't stay up. HAHAHAAA!
The Nativity

Some Christmas wrestling.
Uncle Ethan

The spray bottle game.

Danica kept spraying for FAR too long!

Our adorable stockings. I am so in love with them.
Lined up on Christmas morning.

Jack was so in LOVE with this Woody. It was awesome.
Awww...cutest little girl ever!

Ruthie liked her legos, but I think Lindsay Ann needs to invest in some...for Wyatt. Haahaa.

The Christmas splendor.


Best present EVER!
Ruthie's pj's might have been a little bit big too. Haha.
Basically it was a WONDERFUL Christmas! Ruthie got a new doll...her very first! She has some loyalty issues, right now she goes to bed with her doll AND her teddy bear haha. We were so lucky to spend so much time with family, eat so much good food, and play so many AWESOME games---watch for Andrea's post on Cyrano.(And I'm a HUGE BUM and forgot to pull my camera out the entire time we were at Cindy's. I'll have to take some pictures of the toys...especially the nesting dolls she got for Ruth, Ruth LOVES them!) Now I had better go change my daughter's stinky diaper.

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Kami said...

Thanks for posting pictures!!! Your coat is beautiful! Too bad we're not the same size or I would come and steal it.