Thursday, December 20, 2012

Merry Christmas One and All!


This year has gone by so fast, I can't believe how big our little girl is, and we are so close to welcoming a new Little Man into our family! We feel like 2012 has been a year of wonderful blessings.

2012 has been a year full of studying for Sterling. He hasn't taken ONE break from school (his normal breaks were filled with MCAT study) until THIS WEEK! Sterling is a study-a-holic and only comes out to play when we beg and say we're desperate! He did fabulous on the MCAT and in his classes. He also continues to work part-time, but switched from being a CNA to working on campus half-way through the year. This has been a big blessing since we have one vehicle, and working on campus makes it easier.

2012 has been a year of learning how to juggle for Lindsay. Being a mom, working two days a week, babysitting a few days a week, teaching piano, and trying to do simple things like meal plan (simple?!?) has been rewarding and also a great learning experience. The beginning of the summer was filled with lots of hiking with my sister and kids, but then we both ended up expecting. :) This pregnancy has been MUCH easier than the last, and that is a huge blessing.

2012 has taken Ruth from a tiny baby to a big toddler! Ruthie has grown SO MUCH! She learned to walk this summer and is now climbing EVERYTHING. She is very happy, very determined, and very loving. She gives great hugs, kisses, and loves to be a part of anything going on. She likes to ride Grandpa's horses, she's getting used to puppies but only loves them from a distance, and her favorite thing at the park is to swing. She still loves her teddy bear and takes him everywhere. She definitely keeps us running and we love every bit of her!

This year we moved twice, once on purpose and once because we couldn't pass it up! Sterling and I continue to marvel at how amazing it is to live in such a nice, roomy place, and I LOVE doing laundry now that I can do it right at my own house!!! We were blessed this summer to be able to go to Canada (Sterling studied every day we were there for a few hours) and see my Grandma Ruth, and take pictures with our little Ruthie and her great-grandma. It was fun for me to have Sterling meet so much of my family, and we had a great time playing at Waterton National Park. Sterling's sister Bridget got married in May and it has been so much fun to have another married couple in the family! We love being our own little family, and look forward to all the changes 2013 will bring!

(Sorry to everyone who got this in the mail and the photo is SO dark in real life. I was disappointed since I liked the effect so much on the computer.)