Monday, December 10, 2012

Party-and 30 weeks

 We were super lucky with the first apartment we lived in, and we made some really great friends. Remember them from here? We still try to get together with the Schultz's and Calder's once a month. The Calder's have a little girl Myah, who is 2 days older than Ruthie. And since the Schultz's shared the great news last month, we found out we are ALL expecting right now! So we had to take a picture. I am due the soonest, in February, and then Britney and Lindsey are due in May and June just 12 days apart. We decided we are trying to populate the earth all by ourselves! By next summer we'll almost have more kids in our little gatherings than adults!
And this is my 30 week shot since I haven't taken one. 
Eric and Britney's masterpiece
After the little girls were in bed, we decorated gingerbread houses! I have never done this before, and although mine and Sterling's house was a bit structurally unsound, I think they all turned out pretty awesome!

Justin and Lindsey's masterpiece 

Our....shanty?!?! I have a really weird smile...just look at my handsome hubby instead.

Sterling made our family having a snowball fight outside. That is our little man flat on the ground after being hit on the head with a snowball from Ruthie. Poor kid, he hasn't even been born yet and Ruthie's picking on him!

All of us.

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Lindy Michelle said...

You look so cute!! So.. December 23rd, we're heading to Temple Square and then hanging out at Cam's parents' house afterwards if you guys want to come! We would love to see you again! Let me know :)