Monday, December 3, 2012


A couple cute pictures of Ruthie to start off. 
She is getting much better at church these days. It's still right during her nap time, but she knows she has to sit and play on the bench during sacrament, and it usually only takes a couple of tantrums and making her fold her arms to get her to behave the majority of the time. Haahaa. I am SO excited for 9 o'clock church to start so she'll be happy and then can just come home and take a then she'll be starting nursery and she'll love that! (I actually put her in nursery yesterday because I REALLY wanted to hear the RS lesson because my favorite lady was teaching.)

She's starting to say 'please', at least, we think. It's not very regular. She loves yelling DADDY and can make noises for a sheep, a monkey, a snake, a pig, and LOTS of growling. Haahaa. She loves water, and loves bath time, but due to her sensitive skin, winter time and the dry air, she's starting to get eczema again so we've been backing off on how long she's in the water. 

Saturday I came downstairs to find her standing, not holding onto anything, on the piano keys. Awesome. So now the piano bench stays in the middle of the living room. She can climb pretty much EVERYTHING and, thanks to grandma, she has learned to pull her little step stool over to anything she can't quite reach. Which so far, has only caused a few spills, but she is quite the daredevil. (Think teetering on the edge of a cupboard to reach into something.) 

She has the warmest grin and gives the BIGGEST hugs and we just love her SO SO SO SO SO much!!!!

29 Weeks!!!
29 weeks means...I only have ten weeks left. Technically eleven, but I only went to 39 weeks with Ruth (I was induced, so really that doesn't mean anything, but hey.) and so I'm saying TEN WEEKS because that sounds awesome. I also keep telling myself "only December and January to go" which might be disappointing when February hits, but then again, it'll be such a short time when February hits that it'll probably be ok.

I feel great! Ran out of tums this week and definitely had to buy some more, but I think they were mostly gone from last pregnancy. Haahaa. I had an appointment this morning to check for gestational (pregnancy) diabetes and it was brutal not being able to eat in the morning before going to my appointment, but I'm sure it was worth it. Also got to hear the little man's heart beat. My dr. let Ruthie hold the little machine and she thought it was fun to turn her little brother's heartbeat off and on. Nice.

I'm still small, and this is the first time that he said I was actually measuring smaller than my own average, so we have an extra ultra sound next week. I'm not too worried, because I was small with Ruth too, but I'm glad that we'll be able to go and make sure everything is fine.

Yesterday we went to the First Presidency Christmas Devotional. It was awesome, especially the song What Child Is This...I LOVED it!!!!! The only downer, I was seriously so hot I thought I was going to pass out. Pregnancy, gotta love it. Sterling and I took turns with a paper fan. Sterling was awesome and fanned me much more than I actually fanned myself, and luckily I didn't pass out. :)

We walked around temple square afterwards. It was a beautiful, and warm December night until SUDDENLY these MASSIVE gusts of winds came up and nearly bowled us over, and we all ran for our car while getting hailed on. It was intense. Ethan almost couldn't walk against the first couple gusts of wind. I hid behind Sterling.

I love the temple in the midst of all the lights. So beautiful.

Cade tried hard to help me get my camera to work in the night/light landscape...but it was beyond me. He told me I needed to figure out my camera, but how often do you take pictures in this setting? About once a year! Haahaaa. (although, then Sterling reminded me that I have the same problem with fireworks and around a campfire. hmph.)


Kami said...

YOu look beautiful and Ruthie is adorable!!!

Brooke said...

Love the boots!!!!!