Friday, December 7, 2012

Thoughts on a Friday

  • When the lady from church/playgroups says "I love Ruthie. She definitely knows exactly what she wants." does that translate to "Your child is a DEMON?!" Sometimes I wonder.
  • I knew Ruth has been climbing a lot lately, but I didn't realize how much until I was blow drying my hair this morning (usually she goes downstairs and does something like empty the tupperware drawer) and  I heard a crash. She was sitting on top of the kitchen table, bowl and spoon in hand, with a tipped over box of Fruit Loops everywhere. Nice. 
  • Quadrupling a batch of ham and cheese soup makes for a lot of dicing of vegetables. It gets REALLY long when you are holding a baby, and almost 30 weeks pregnant, the entire time you are stirring 4 cups of milk to thicken. My arm will never be the same. (Which reminds me that while at my mom's house yesterday I decided that if I am going to be an amazing chocolate-candy chef at Christmas time like my mom, I am going to have to start working out. I begged pregnant, and made my little brother finish beating the chocolate centers.)
  • Tripling a batch of sugar cookies takes a LOT of butter. So much so, that I'm going to have to have Sterling move our 40 pounds of chicken in the freezer and see if we even have any left underneath. I hope so.
  • I love Macey's. They asked me if I wanted paper or plastic today and I almost went to say plastic, when I realized I wanted to wrap some things in brown paper bags. And since I said that to the lady, she put five or so extra bags inside one of mine. So nice.
  • I really really hate having a runny nose. I feel like I've spent a good portion of my day just blowing my nose and wiping Ruthie's. Not so nice.
  • On the upside, all these cookies and soup means we're going to a SMASHING Rasmussen party tomorrow, and I am ready for that. (Except not really...Sterling and I are supposed to be singing. Which means I should know the alto part. We'll get on that tonight....haha)
  • I feel like making banana bread but my kitchen looks like a disaster zone and I don't know if I'd have enough clean bowls at the moment to actually make it. Maybe on Sunday. 
  • Oh! I made nanimo bars with my mom yesterday and they turned out AWESOME!!! But did you know that they have a secret Canadian ingredient? GR! Now I'm going to have a baking/shopping list when we go to Canada just so I can make my husband's favorite Christmas treat. (I guess I could blame that on my parents, for being Canadian and having Canadian recipes...but then, they are divine, so I guess its ok) Although, I probably can just convince my brother to bring it down with them when they visit. 
  • Also, I am currently sitting here sucking on glass candy...a thoroughly Rasmussen Christmas treat, and it feels OH. SO. GOOD. I love Christmas!


Sara said...

Have you looked online to buy the secret Canadian ingredient? has just about everything in the world, it's worth checking! :)

Lynn said...

What?! "secret Canadian ingredient?" Seriously? I had NO idea! Now I am curious. What is it that we have up here that you can't buy down there. I am ALWAYS getting my sister to send up stuff to me from there. I was always cursing Canada for it's lameness when it came to lot's of cooking ingredients. So I am totally curious to find out what we DO have! lol.

Kami said...

Is it the Bird's Custard Powder? Because you can buy that at Macey's.

The Haws Family said...

Can you really buy it at Macey's Kami? Or can you just buy it at Macey's when you live in big cities like Chicago when they have all sorts of weird things??? I'll have to check, but mom said she's looked and looked for it, and Megan said she's looked and she always just has Derek and Brooke bring it down with them. (She also said she'd give me a box since she has three haahaa)

The Haws Family said...

Also, its getting harder and harder to find unsweetened puffed wheat cereal in UT and last time we were in Canada Megan stocked up just so we could make puffed wheat squares.

Allen and Alexis McCracken said...

We made Nanaimo bars the other day too! Yum! My mother in law said that you can use vanilla pudding, but it wasn't quite the same. Amazon might be a good bet! Al kept saying, "Let's take some Nanaimo bars to so and so," and I kept telling him no. Ha ha.