Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Quick Thoughts on a Tuesday

  • I love that school is out. I love having a husband around more.
  • I love that when my husband is out of school he gets to watch Ruthie while I'm at work---its so nice to come home to a baby girl that is so happy because she had a wonderful day with her daddy.
  • I love that he woke up with Ruth this morning and changed her stinky diaper and made me french toast before I left for work. I am so lucky.
  • I love that he had dinner made for me when I came home from work.
  • I love that it is ALMOST CHRISTMAS!!!!! YAY!!!!
  • I love that I got a Christmas bonus today at work. Awesome and awesome.
  • My boss also got us the Willow Tree Holy Family...and since we don't have a nice nativity (just the Fisher Price one) I am SO EXCITED and it is SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!
  • I also LOVE that tomorrow is my last day of work for TWO WEEKS! YAY!!!!

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Anonymous said...

I love that nativity. You are a very lucky girl.