Wednesday, October 22, 2014

2 Month Shots and Smiles

Molly got three shots this morning. I hate it when babies have to get shots. When Will was a baby he would get a shot, his face would suddenly turn TOMATO red, and then he would start to scream. It was kind of funny to watch even though it was so, so sad. Molly just cried. Not too loud, just that "why did you let them do that to me" sad cry. Luckily, she's been doing great since then, great enough to get these beautiful smile shots:

Is that not the most beautiful smile you ever saw in your entire existence????!?!! Oh I love this baby of mine.

Ruthie got a haircut last night. I'm a little sad because I cut off more than I wanted to (and she has to fit a bun for Halloween!) but also very happy, because look how thick and nice it looks! It was starting to look pretty scraggly on the ends and Ruth was REALLY not enjoying brushing it out every evening. 

Molly is now 11 pounds, 14 ounces, and 23.5 inches tall. She seems so big to me already! I can't believe how fast babies grow. She is so cuddly and soft--it's the best!

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